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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The president is coming!

Allow me to show you my schedule this week.
Monday and Tuesday: Visit from my best friend from childhood with husband and her sister and all that entails. I had requested these days off for months - since February, actually - but somehow our market scheduler did not cover me on Tuesday, and I went in to work after they left. Bible study, which we skipped.
Wednesday: work, dental appointment, tutoring.
Thursday: Work. Frantic cooking.
Friday: Work. Church Christmas party and chili cook-off. I am entering "White Hot Christmas" chili. It won't win. It's too weird.
Saturday: We're hosting a huge Christmas party! And I might have to go into work.
Sunday: Church; dinner with friends. And I might have to go into work...
Why all this extra work, you ask? Is it because of my upcoming surgery? No, not at all. It's because...
The president is coming! Or the presidents are coming. The VP of customer experience and president of business operations for the entire company are visiting my store on Monday. My store. Monday. I am in the throws of a panic attack as we speak!
Then that Wednesday I have pre-op, and surgery Thursday. Followed by our Christmas tradition Commander's Palace lunch on Friday right after surgery, then hosting family caroling on Sunday, then back to work Tuesday, then working Christmas day. Not busy at all.

I'm nervous as heck about this upcoming visit. These are the big guns at Walgreens, and I am sure I will say something stupid or not know how to answer a question. It's definitely the visit of a lifetime - I don't want to botch it. I'm heading in early today to get working on the basics, like cleaning coffee spills off my keyboard. The important stuff, like polishing my business plan, has to be done, too.  guess I will be working early and late all week!


  1. That sounds fun! Good luck!

  2. As readers of your blog, we're all thinking the same thing ... Mr. Walgreen is obviously coming in to give you some very important surprise major award. Try to act like you didn't expect it! Early congrats!

  3. Neat! Good luck & hope everything goes well for you!!

  4. Whoa - why is the President visiting? Good luck! And ugh on the 49ers, our season is basically done - how do they lose to the Raiders? lol

  5. Deep breaths. It'll all be over soon.

  6. Best of luck getting through it! I have faith in you.