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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Right hip surgery

If you noticed, one of my last post titles referred to labral repair surgery. But last I knew, I didn't have a torn labrum on the right hip - just impingement.
Well, that was wrong. I did have a little tear. My first MRI, the one I actually got for my left hip prior to surgery, seemed to show some infiltrates in the join that indicated a labral tear, although a tear itself wasn't visible. Then we did the MRI for my right hip just a few weeks ago, and it didn't show a tear. However, when my doctor went in for surgery, there was the tear. You can't always see them on the MRI.
Dr. Van Sice repaired it. This is very good news, because of course I prefer a repair to a debridement. But it's also bad news, because that usually means a longer recovery time to protect the stitches!
The run-down of this surgery:
- Small tear in otherwise healthy labrum; required one stitch anchor and was easily repaired. No old, calcified damage that crumbled away this time.
- Cam impingement shaved down; medium impingement
- Pincer impingement trimmed; mild impingement present.
- I had the same anesthesiologist as last time. He remembered me and was kind enough to skip the freaking benzodiazepines prior to surgery (Last time the tiniest dose knocked me out so badly that they had to reverse it before continuing)! That means that this time I was alert and observant until I got into the OR and helped myself to gas (seriously, he was like, "If you grab that mask you can start breathing while I set my tray up.").
- But he got IR (interventional radiology) to come start my IV, because apparently, big veins or no, I was a problem last time. This doctor got one started in my wrist (ew), but it only took her 4 minutes. Rock star.
- I also got the same post-op nurse! I had two nurses, but the second one had me last time and remembered me. She was a sweetheart - really caring and helpful. Just a delight. I am especially impressed because it was getting late, and she never got impatient or frustrated that the incisions were still bleeding.
- I had searing, burning, wracking pain for about an hour after I got home this time. I think they stretched a nerve and it was freaking out. I iced it and took a naproxen and a tylenol and was able to get to sleep; it was better when I awoke.
- I was bleeding a lot after surgery, but it stopped by Monday. I'm hoping for this one to stay closed!
- A few days out, I feel more stiff this time, but no pain once more. And interestingly, my hip flexor feels really good. Perhaps the shorter surgery is the reason, but I don't think it's damaged at all. Last time I couldn't lift my leg unassisted for weeks; now it already feels strong.

And here I am, first day back at work: festive red (even though it's a frumpy old cowl neck) for the holidays, black cords, red and black peep toe flats. This is after I got rained on SIX TIMES yesterday, because of course, it starts storming as soon as I'm on crutches and can't hold an umbrella.

So overall? I think this surgery was a better experience than last time. I'm looking forward to a positive outcome.


  1. Fashionista with crutches and all! You look fantastic! I'm glad you had a better surgery experience this time. Hopefully that means a super speedy recovery, too. Be sure to go EASY on yourself and take breaks when needed!

  2. I'm sure experiencing the exact same procedure only a few months prior helped in more ways than you could imagine. Your body probably just intuitively picked up on little ways to make the healing process a little more seamless. Glad it went well! The leg trap kinda looks like a wild-west gun holster from the front.

  3. That's a great outfit! You clotheshorse. The brace even kind of matches. It sounds like surgery went as well as you could possibly get this time around. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  4. It definitely sounds a lot better than last time. Only one stitch into healthy tissue sounds better than multiple stitches into crumbling tissue. And no haemorrhage - winning!