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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Party aftermath

The carnage - an ornament dropped right by the door!
It's a good party when you're sweeping up broken glass afterward...right? David and I hosted our Christmas party last weekend, and we had about 30 people over for food and drinks. I served: 
- White hot Christmas chili
- Pulled pork on buns with coleslaw
- Hummus with pitas and toppings
- Chips and salsa - two kinds, red and green (homemade)
- Cheese and olive plate. I kind of splurged here and it was delicious.
- Grapes and a largely ignored veggie tray
- Lots of beer
- LaCroix, this water all the hipsters drink
- Tempranillo and shiraz
- Three kinds of cookies - peppermint spirals, oatmeal toffee, and these deep, rich, brownie cookies using chocolate I bought in Peru

I bought ornaments and paint markers and people decorated ornaments while they were there. I also had a flash of brilliance and put dry erase markers out with our wine glasses, which let everyone personalize their glasses (except my ditzy sister in law, who drew on hers with one of the paint markers for the ornaments, which are quite permanent - and on a totally different table lest anyone accidentally confuse them. Some people).

We had a wonderful diverse group of friends over: our landlords, who are the two most interesting people I know, and big cheese eaters (hence the overloaded cheese plate); a renaissance man (lawyer, published and awarded writer, and business owner); our pastors (both); another writer; the news editor for; an accountant specifically for the movie industry; a yoga teacher; an entomologist; a competitive Judo practitioner. We know some cool people and are lucky to have them as friends! 


  1. Fun! I am glad you were able to fit the party in before your surgery! Sounds like a fun night. I would love to host a Christmas party for friends but it just did not happen this year! The food you served sounds awesome - I would have been all over that cheese and olive tray!

  2. You really don't let a little thing like surgery slow you down, do you? First it's traditional dinner out and now hosting a party. What happens on day 3 post-surgery?

    1. This was last weekend - when I should have been prepping for surgery! Day three post-op, though, is the day that I lie on the sofa overcome with fatigue and nausea because I did too much too soon. If you were wondering.

    2. Mmm. Sounds like no fun at all. Nice to know that you're human - here I was thinking you had some sort of super-power over pain.

  3. The party sounds wonderful...the food AND the friends. We don't have people draw on our stemware with the wrong markers (but it wouldn't be a big deal here since our family parties feature solo cups), but they can't seem to figure out the difference between the recycling bin and the trash can, so I always get to spend time pulling trash out of the recycling.

  4. Sounds like quite a fun crowd! I didn't realize you had surgery already. I am sure you are a mellow and charming hostess, Gracie, and that everyone had a wonderful time! I wish I could have been there for the cheese and olive plate!

  5. My word, do you ever stop? It's pretty amazing that you had that many people in your home, all without letting a small little thing like surgery recovery slow you down! You go girl!

  6. I have to admit, I would probably be the one who used a permanent marker on the glass too.