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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I survived my visit

I survived.

But only because I had a methyl group in my (excessive amounts of) coffee (cool shadow, huh?)
I was TOLD what to wear by my boss's boss's boss's boss. She said to wear subdued neutrals, but not black, and to wear my hair down because up "looked so severe". Rude. And sexist. Nobody would tell a man-pharmacist how to do his hair.

Me on the stairs...holding a compact of powder, which I thought it best to bring. Just in case I got all shiny-nosed.
I wore a soft gray button-down (untucked for comfort - hurray for white coats hiding such sins!), pinstriped pants with a traditional cut, and blue suede shoes....because I wanted to break just one tiny rule. And I had on the whitest, starchiest lab coat in the history of lab coats.
The visit was just fine. I had three VPs at my store, and they were interested, taking notes on what I said, complimenting our progress, and generally being pleasant people. None of my crazy customers came in (although my sister in law did, that was funny, she knew about the visit and I think wanted to see the big-shots), and they were only there for an hour. We even closed on time (they arrived an hour and 15 minutes before closing).
The reason they chose my location was to collect ideas and plans on growing organic pharmacies like mine, that opened with no support/buyout/integration plan - essentially from the ground up. I was interested to learn that the manager who opens stores like that usually gets replaced after the first two years, but I've kept this place going and succeeding. We looked at my business plan and my rather messy marketing records, and they took pictures of a some of my plans and processes. I also brought up to them two huge barriers our system throws in my way, and they'll look into those.
Overall, typical corporate visit, and pretty successful! Now all that's left to do is get that pesky surgery out of the way, and this week's a wrap.


  1. Sounds like you did great and looked great. :) Good luck with the surgery! I Hope that you recover quickly and are running PAIN FREE before you know it. Merry Christmas! :)

  2. They came into yours because you're doing such a great job and they wanted to pick your brain. That's a huge pat on the back.

  3. Nice work, I am glad that the visit went well. It's too bad how sexism still prevails. I did a big presentation yesterday with another male strategist and at the end he said, 'this girl has the beauty and the brains'. I don't think that he would comment on my looks if I wasn't female. Anyways it is what it is but it just annoys me.

  4. Wow, I can't believe someone in a position of authority suggested how you should look physically. That just sounds a little off. But as far as your writing, go ahead and and start phrasing everything in third-person, written while wearing a parka and sandals, preferably after 3pm. Please & thank you.

  5. Congrats on the big success! Sounds even more stressful than when JCAHO shows up for a visit...

  6. I love reading this. Well, you do look good with your hair down...up and down! ha! Congrats!! Now the'll nail that too!

  7. Glad that the visit went well!! And ugh... the hair thing. I wonder if bald men conjure up a "severe" image because of their lack of hair?