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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Post-op hip labral tear: take 2.

I'm home on the sofa, eating Christmas cookies and watching Hercule Poirot, ice packs on my swollen leg.
Ice packs in the winter = very cold
Apparently, the surgery was very successful. And the post-op nausea was not nearly as bad as last time, either. I asked the nurse to skip the promethazine and just used Zofran, and I did better without its drowsiness and dizziness. However, this time I felt pain afterwards, and it took me a long time to be discharged. First, the resident in the OR locked my brace at zero degrees flexion, so I couldn't sit up! To remove it and reset it involved getting up, getting my IV out, getting undressed, etc.
Then, my wound started bleeding. Lots. Tons. Saturating the bandage, sheets, bed - it was bad. I called the nurse, who rolled me on my side and applied pressure. We finally got it under control, but it took a long time, so it was 6pm before we were discharged. I had two nurses during that time, and they were both so sweet and skillful! Definitely getting compliment calls tomorrow. 
At home, I struggled through the muddy construction on our street, trying to remember to use my LEFT foot this time! I was used to using the right! and changed into the only thing that could fit over my very swollen leg (boy shorts and knee socks... hence the limited photos). The swelling is terrible this time! 
What's happening to my knee?!
I also have a bit of pain, bad enough to take a naproxen and an acetaminophen. 
It seems like it's mostly leg pain, maybe some damage from being in traction. 
I plan on icing through the weekend to get the swelling down and hopefully will feel better tomorrow. 


  1. Take care! Glad the surgery went well.

  2. I hope the pain lessens significantly and quickly. We want you pretty much pain-free by Christmas.

  3. Glad you are doing okay. Rest up! Hope you can watch lots of Chrisfmas movies in the next few days!

  4. (FWIW, wentence one (except for the swelling & ice packs) is my ideal life.)

    At least you know what you're in for this time! And yeah, I bet it's super weird to be so used to compensating with the right & now having to switch to the left. I would totally screw that up.

  5. Ouch... I hope the pain and swelling subsides and that you have a fast recovery from this! I guess it is good to sort of know what to expect but yikes, not fun to deal with this twice in one year!