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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What are you wearing this weekend? Five years running

It's hard to believe, but the Mardi Gras marathon has been owned by Rock 'n Roll for a full five years now. And I've run them all - three fulls, two halves.

I thought it was cute that RnR rewarded that with a T-shirt and a special race number.

All 5-year runners got one of these rather nice T's - a play on the iconic New Orleans water meter covers!

Hats off to RnR for doing something right and playing to the locals a little. Thanks!


  1. Cool shirt. And you look fantastic!

  2. That is cool and way to go RNR! Shocking really. Mostly wearing yoga clothes, running clothes and jeans this weekend. The weather is nasty and I have lots of exercise and school to catch up on.

    1. It certainly shocked me! I usually think RnR is a poor host and they generally trash our city, then leave. I went to the track the day after the race this year - my practice track is where they hold the finish fest. It was completely filthy. They had packed up and left trash everywhere.

  3. Nice colour. Well done on getting to five years. I wonder what they'll do for ten.

  4. I'm impressed at RnR for stepping it up with that most do, I feel VERY blah about their events. That's cute, though. And, full disclosure - I gave into peer pressure and am totally running RnR DC in March. Can't wait for the shitty beer at the end!

  5. that's cute and agree...very nice!

  6. oh that's a cool shirt, I'm impressed they did that. I think they are organized, but sometimes wonder how much they care about the individual runner.