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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RnR New Orleans 2014: Weird weather, slow field

Thanks to the weather, our elite field was a little bare this past weekend. Ben Bruce came out and won it for the men, far ahead of any other runners:

But the women's field wasn't as speedy as usual: the top finisher ran 2:58 and the third place woman ran 3:07.
The half was pretty slow, too: we had some speedy men and women, but overall the heat and humidity slowed the field, so much so that I actually got 2nd in my age group.
Last year my almost identical time landed me 29th woman - bad weather = slower field.
The women's winner ran a fast 1:20 and the men's winner ran 1:11. I think the guys' side was a little more competitive. I love that the guy who won, Liam Burke, was in town checking out college choices and visiting Tulane University! I hope he moves here and comes and runs with Varsity Sports!

Fog on Esplanade
Let's Run has a pretty good recap here.
This was probably taken at 8:00 am! Look at the fog! When I passed this point, there was no fog. Courtesy NOTC.

Someone told me something interesting about this race: Because it started out hot and humid, then a cool fog rolled over the city, people who ran the half/started in an early corral felt like the race was hot. But people doing the full or starting in a back corral felt chilled! So we have opposite impressions. I also heard - but cannot document - that the starting temps for the first corral was 10 degrees warmer than for the final corral. If that's true - crazy! But runners dramatize, so that could be made-up.

One more thing I should mention about my race this year: I really suffered after the race with stomach cramps. Just awful, painful stomachache. After about two hours of misery, I suddenly realized that Sunday was much more humid conditions than I was used to. I grabbed a pinch of salt and washed it down, and in a few minutes my cramps subsided. This anecdote is included here just to remind you: never underestimate your body's need for sodium!
And that's your running tip for the day :)


  1. 2nd place!!! Amazing! Nice job :D

  2. Congratulations. Nice to know that the other runners struggled with the conditions too. And a good tip re the salt.

  3. I started using salt capsules this past summer for the first time, and now make them a fairly regular part of my long runs. I've found the same thing you did - they seem to react with my body almost instantly. I'll get foggy-headed at times in races from losing fluids and salt at a rapid pace, and the salt is like an instant cobweb clearer.

    On another note ... I'm a HUGE Cynthia Hedge Morrell guy!

    1. We had elections the day before...the sign we made for the race was attached to an election sign we got off the neutral ground after the polls closed!

  4. Crazy! We get the post-high pressure system fog here, but it's usually over the period of a couple of days, not a couple of hours. Congrats on the A/G place, slow field or not!

  5. good show! can't wait to see what you do in better weather and with more training under your belt. very encouraging race gracie!! :)

  6. what weird weather! also, congrats on the AG place!
    good reminder. i always have to remind myself to take salt/ electrolytes during and after a race.