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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Fairgrounds

A few weeks ago, we spent our Saturday at the Fairgrounds in Midcity. It was cold but clear, and we stood outside at the track to watch the races. It was the first time I'd seen horse races! They actually eclipse people races in excitement!

The Fairgrounds has free races every week, although they charge $5 for "better" races with well-known horses. There's food, a bar, and a covered area, plus the grandstands in the clubhouse for $10 entry. We liked it better on the grounds, especially because you could stand by the Paddock and watch the horses being brought in up-close.

Friends making bets...

Observations from the Fairgounds:
1. People get really excited when they win $6
2. Jockeys are somehow shorter in person


  1. That looks totally fun. I was in Vegas over the weekend and your comments reminded me of casinos. I laughed when people spent $200 gambling then got super excited when they won back $60.

  2. ooooh I LOVE the horse track. I grew up close to Belmont in NY and spend many many years riding, showing, and working at stables. Sounds like lots of fun for you guys! :)

  3. The only time I've ever been to a race track was for a race (human one not horse) that I was running in. I'm not sure about going to see a horse race because that usually involves dressing up and I hate dressing up.

  4. I ran the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon a few years ago, and we actually got to run a lap around the inside of Church Hill Downs. Some of the jockeys were working out the horses while we made the lap - I'd never realized just how incredibly large these thoroughbreds are in person. They were beautiful - it was really cool.