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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Busy at work, squeaking by at the run

The last week or two of work killed me. I launched a big project at work that had me under a lot of pressure and working extra, not to mention collaborating with my senior account executive, who routinely shows up to meetings without her phone/calendar or a writing implement. I am so sick of lending her pens. It just makes her seem unprepared.
When I'm busy at work, I start wearing totally unprofessional garb.

Plus I hired a new employee who needs a lot of training, as she's new to pharmacy, and I have two new students. And I also started a series of classes that my company is volunteering to teach for HIV patients. I've been so rushed that I realized that I wore the same thing to work twice last week. Oops. The busier I get, the more of a bum I am about my outfits.

So, a lot is going on, and I find my running is getting squeezed. I got a 10k training plan from, but I've been struggling even to fit in the lower mileage during the week. What happens is that I end up back-loading my running, running most of my miles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is a bad idea, because then I'm tired for group track on Mondays.

That means poor performance at the track. The last few weeks have been meh. Last week I felt fast, but I didn't have a watch (Garmin was being dehumidified in a bowl of rice in hopes of prolonging his life). So I don't know. This week I'd noticed that longer runs on Sunday slowed me on Monday, so I took it easy on Sunday and showed up to track hoping for a great night.
And then my nose starting bleeding. Luckily I had paper towels in the car, but this was a bad one, and I bled all through the warm up and workout review. Finally a discovered that one of the teams had dumped an ice chest out on the grass, and managed to stop the bleed with an ice cube to the upper lip.
But the first mile of our workout was tough! I bounced back, but I felt a little light-headed at first!

I ended up with a good workout, though, keeping pace between 6:20 and 6:30 for two sets of 1 mile, 2x800, and 4x400 - all at 10k pace. Since that felt pretty good, I am really going to try to get my running back to schedule this week and prevent dead legs on Monday.

We'll see how I do. I'll report back!
Right now I'm off to do some park loops on dirt to recover from last nights track.


  1. NICE workout! I'm bad about back-loading the mileage, too. Something is just so awesome about running a lot on the weekend! Hang tough with work. :)

  2. Great workout, in spite of tired legs. I hope you are able to stick to your plan this week--it always feels so much better to do that.

    If it makes you feel any better, my daughter is quite content to repeat an outfit on any given week! ; )

  3. It makes sense to run more on the weekend when your weeks are just so busy. I tend to run both Saturday and Sunday because I can have a nap both of these days - it's so much trickier to fit in a nap on a work day.