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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coming up next: The Great St. Charles Ave Road Race

The training plan I'm loosely following for the CCC 10k calls for a training 10k or 5k on March 29th. And can you believe it? There's a 10k a mile and a half from my house on that very day! It's the Great St. Charles Ave Road Race, and I ran it two years ago and won it. It was squished into the middle of a long run (18 or 20 miles, can't remember), and included an emergency bathroom break. Luckily, only about three women ran the 10k so, hehe, I won it. The joys of tiny races!

So that's my next race, unless I find a 5k to run two weeks prior to that, but I don't see any options so I'll probably skip that. It's on my training plan, though.

The Great St Charles blah blah race is a double loop into Audubon Park, which is good (flat! familiar!) and bad (walkers! joggers! bikers!). The Crescent City Classic is a faster course, but a little later in the day and later in the year, too - so it will be hot. Sometimes those humid April days are the worst running conditions. The earlier Great St bler bler bler race might give me a better chance at a PR, even if it's not my goal race.
My current PR is 40:58 and of course, yes, I want to beat that!

So about yesterdays' post - some people wanted to know what happened after I demanded the Respect for Cars Remedial education at the Cross Fit Box.
Well, I anticlimactically had to get on a conference call and ended up kind of sheepishly waiving and mouthing a "thanks!" as I tried to figure out how to mute my cellphone.
So much for that. I'm sure the minute I left the whole "box" laughed their heads off at my pettiness. and then threw a tire against a wall.


  1. A mile and a half from your house? Of course you're meant to run it. Couldn't have been more perfect.

  2. Sounds perfect. You can *totally* PR! I believe this.

  3. Home turf? It's meant to be. Go for it!

  4. That sounds like my 35 person half-marathon that I DOMINATED last year. Actually I think I was the only one actually racing it, the average competitor was 56 y/o, and there were a lot of walkers ... but I DOMINATED!!!

  5. You've got it!! Sounds like you are doing some smart training Gracie. My 10k PR, which I would like to re-do, was after a few practice 10k races. You learn so much from each one!

  6. Good luck! This is the perfect time of year to race in New Orleans!

  7. so I've been out of blog world for a while now, but I'm happy that upon my check-in to your blog that you are already back to PR range. congrats and good luck !