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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's up in my life...

- The large house next door has an empty apartment. It's been empty since the end of the school year, and since then the fire alarm has been beeping every 15 minutes. It has me on a hair-trigger temper. Look at me wrong and I'll slap your face.
- I went to a surprise birthday party last week for a member of my running club. I got to see all those crazy kids again. They're all running without me. I thought we discussed that if I got injured, nobody was allowed to run?
- Abe moved out. He's been on my couch since getting back from Denmark a month and a half ago; finally he found a place. It is disgusting. I helped him clean and I have never seen a place so filthy. It took me an hour to vacuum just his bedroom, that's how dirty it was. I'd die before living there. But the kid does need to get out of my house.
- David and I are looking for another church. We've been at the same church since we got married, but as time has passed both the demographic of the church and the safety of the neighborhood has changed. I'd like to go to church with other people our age, and I don't relish going to church in the ghetto. So it's time to look for something else.
- Lately I am obsessed with extra sharp cheddar on whole wheat saltines with hot red pepper jelly. So delicious.
- It has rained every day here for weeks. My basil and mint plants have gone crazy and turned into a big savory forrest, but my rosemary hates it.
- My husband actually ventured to ask if I would let him observe in the kitchen. This is the man who can't cook cold cereal, so I'm hoping for a kitchen miracle that involves me not slaving over the stove for an hour every day.
- Example of slaving? Spicy swiss chard and fresh mozzarella salad with homemade green onion sausage in a rice crust. Maybe I need to just make a darn ham sandwich and call it a night.
- David and I got together for dinner with most of his study group from law school this weekend. I realized to my surprise that David was the only member still in his thirties...and I was the only person there in my twenties of course! We're all getting old!
- This week I'm driving 5 hours to Monroe, La, to do a training program for some pharmacists. I was expected to drive there and back in one day, plus squish in a 4 hour class. Oh, and this is on the day when I am only scheduled to work 6 hours. I said no thanks, I'll take a hotel please. Sheesh!
- A new sushi place is coming to my neighborhood, this one just blocks away. I'll surely die of mercury poisoning.

What's up in your life?


  1. Oh my gosh, that would have been a long day to do all that driving AND take a class AND work (are there that many hours in a day?). I'd be opting for a hotel room, too.

    The weather has been beautiful here, so I stopped hating summer. I'm still loving running but am starting to feel some fatigue from marathon training. I am trying not to complain, though, as I know I am lucky to be able to run.

  2. re : the running club. They don't even try to hide the fact that they're running in our absence, do they?! jerks.
    Your kitchen creation sounds amazing. No wonder your husband wants to observe!

  3. My life:

    -new job
    -new house
    -new location
    -lots of smiles

    Looks like lots going on with you. Good luck with finding a new church, I know it is tempting just to pick the one closest to you, but they can be so different there should always be a testing phase.

  4. It's such a pity that Abe didn't move into that place next door. Then you would have had access to the smoke alarm - two birds with one stone.

  5. New sushi place....some big new. :) I agree, everyone should stop running when we get injured. Ha! So good to read a Gracie post. And you know, I should have thought about calling you about the Cipro. Maybe I did think about it actually....not sure...but I think I'm done being angry about it. all. :)

  6. my life....
    well I am leaving tomorrow for Oregon
    I wish I was 100% for this but it is ok!

  7. It kills me when I see people running when I'm injured. Hate it. When I am running and see others running I am the complete opposite and get all excited for them. Weird.

    I have pushed the "getting old" talk off until my 40's for now. I still have 7 years to get ready for that one...

    Btw- my injured friend loved your not running post. The last one was her favorite.

  8. That's a lot of driving. A hotel definitely sounds like the best bet. And the alarm...enough to make my head explode.

    My life...realizing I'm now midway between the young teachers and the "old teachers". Boo x 1000. School just started, and I can't wait to get to the part where the kids know the routine and I know them. And a 24 hour adventure race in three days with a high ropes course. Oh, and I'm afraid of heights. Yea....

  9. I know what you mean about the chard/rice crust vs ham sandwich dilemma. I like to cook; I want to have nice food; I want people to like it. However, some days, a ham sandwich is just the ticket. My boyfriend is in charge of paying when we eat out; that is his "cooking".