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Sunday, August 12, 2012

THE ELLIMPICS: Gymnastic all-around attempt!

I'm so grateful to XLMIC for hosting the Ellimpics, a chance for the injured runners amongst us to showcase their talents in other sports. 
She's been wowing us with elliptical 10ks that smash my running PRs. I, however, chose to participate in the gymnastics all-around competition. 

My first exercise?

Vault was a resounding success, and the strength of my vault definitely foretells how I'll do on the rest of the apparatus. It certainly mattered when it came to event #2, bars. 

Bars gave me a little trouble. 

But I'm pretty good at bars since I've had lots of experience, and I pulled out a strong performance. 
Home-field advantage on the bars.

I think I nailed that one, especially the move named after myself: the Gracie. It's brandy, vermouth, and fresh mint over ice. Not the most difficult out there, but so smooth.

Unfortunately the biggest challenge was the beam. I completely muffed that. 

That's not Jim Beam. That's some kind of cooking whiskey.
You know what they always say, it's hard to do back flips and somersaults with only a few inches of Beam. I'd need at least a pint. 

With just one more event to go, I was worried about my score. Luckily it was my strongest event: floor. 

The thing about floor is that I'm just so comfortable with it. And I really have my technique down: I am so relaxed while competing. 

My overall score? Well, there were some big deductions on beam. Then I had some wobbles on bars, but I really stuck the landing and that counts for something. And I pulled out a great floor routine. How do you think I scored???

Thanks XMLIC for a chance to compete in the Ellimpics! 


  1. Hands down the best write up of ALL!!!! You get huge points for originality and innovation (with that home-bar substitution at the last minute!) Your form is, indeed, impeccable on the floor and the artistry of the fanning of the bills...

    Thanks so much for participating! You are definitely a front-runner in the race for prizes!

    Sadly, I had a DNF on my final event :(

  2. That is hillarious!!! Id like to compete with you!! But I need to restock my bar!!

  3. So clever! I first saw the photo of you holding money and thought, "WTH?" Then I read the post and laughed out loud. Next time, maybe you'll attempt the rings?

  4. This is hilarious. It's definitely a Gracie Gold in the all-around!

  5. Ahhh, I love a good pun. And it doesn't get better than a post full of clever word-play. I agree with XLMIC: you are an ellipmic front-runner. As a non-official judge, I give you a score of 78.3 out of whatever number you want.

  6. FAVORITE post ever. You get the gold, hands down. Bravo! :)

  7. This is awesome. I am in awe. I'm definitely the overall bronze ellimpics finisher after XL and you.

  8. lol, this post cracked me up!

    And yea, the Olympics was AMAZING. No other words to describe it than that. No other trip or sporting event that I go on from now can top it I think.