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Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's fun not to run.

The benefits of injury:
- I have ten toenails
- I can snooze my alarm
- Sometimes my hair isn't sweaty
- I have free time
- I can use light-colored polish on my toes
- I've saved hundreds in race fees
- The permanent maroon scar under my jog bra, it turns out, is not really permanent
- The only callouses on my feet right now are from high heels
- I'm making my Saucony Kinvara I's last even longer
- I haven't bought Gu in almost a year
- My grocery bill has gone down to a reasonable amount
- At least one fewer load of laundry a week
- I remembered I have other hobbies
- There are days when all I wear are real clothes
And last but not least, I don't spend the last few seconds before drifting off each night in a momentary confused panic about what my morning run schedule calls for!


  1. Well now that just sounds downright enticing!

  2. Haha great list, yea I've saved a ton of money on race fees by not having any races this year! Though hopefully your injury goes away and you can get back to running.

  3. One of my best running buddies is out with a stress fracture right now and I am going to have to send her this list. I think it will make her day! You need to send this list into Runner's World. seriously.

  4. Your class is half full, for sure!

  5. You have a great list going here- even if it doesn't feel "great" to be out for a while.
    Hoping it won't be long until your maroon mark is back and the toenails are falling off again. :) I would be NUTs and writing my own prescriptions :(

    Checked your DM and I think you might be getting back in it?. Thumbs up!

  6. Best of've improved in gymnastics a bajillion-fold :)

  7. Ha, way to talk yourself into reasons not running is fun. :) I bet your husband appreciates the extra time he gets with you, too!!

  8. Hah! That's it. You have convinced me! I am quitting. I actually haven't had any toenails fall off, but my feet are not a pretty sight right now! I don't even get pedicures, as it seems like a losing battle.

  9. HA! Thanks for this. I broke down and boo-hooed while my sports med doc was doing Active Release on me this morning. He looked very alarmed. I was just so discouraged about one step forward, ten steps back, and I really miss running. This makes me feel a wee bit better!