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Friday, August 10, 2012

In which I stump the doctor

Here's how my latest ortho appointment went down:

Dr. M: Why are you soaking wet?
Me: I got caught in the rain.
Dr. M: Hm. You didn't run through the rain, did you? I said no running.
Me: [exasperated sigh] No. I walked. I'm in heels.
Dr. M: So are you all better? Because I have no idea what's wrong with you.
Me: No. Still hurts. What are you going to do about this?
Dr. M: Well, PT never hurt anyone...
Me: Except me.
Dr. M: You can try a topical NSAID...I mean, if you think it's inflamed...
Me: Hey! You're the doctor! You tell me if it's inflamed!
Dr. M: Are you taking any supplements? Calcium and vitamin D might be useful.

You get the gist. We're at our wits' ends. To make this visit more awkward, we had to do the lovely groin palpation. Honestly I don't care. He's a doctor. Palpate and be done with it. But Dr. M is terribly shy and embarrassed about it and refuses to make eye contact for the whole rest of the visit. I find this kind of funny, but I think my laughter is not helping matters.

I went for a run the day after the visit. It hurt. Everything hurt. And I'm out of shape. Oh, and it got hot out, too. I forgot about the stifling heat.

So. No improvements over here.


  1. dislike! I hope you are able to find some answers soon.

  2. Ugh...I'm sorry...that has got to be so frustrating. Perhaps you need a 2nd opinion!

  3. I've never had a doctor be shy and freaked out about touching me anywhere. That's both funny and weird at once. Hope you get things figured out. Not knowing why / what's wrong is so frustrating.

  4. Argh, that is a real bummer that he doesn't know what is going on. Hopefully you figure it out soon.

  5. This just sucks. I'm really sorry.
    It's a huge inconvenience to fit doctor and (useless) PT visits into your schedule, too, I'm sure.
    Do you have access to a pool? I've found aqua jogging to be a life-saver, lately.

  6. Girl this stinks :(

    Have you tried yoga?

  7. Uggggh. Oh Gracie, I'm feeling your frustration. And amusement at the shy doc. He wouldn't know how to handle me. :) gosh, sending you such good thoughts right now. I imagine that you feel mighty I would. You're on my list to get get caught up with today...been thinking of you.

  8. If you want to hold off on an MRI (not sure of your insurance plan or co-pay etc) it may be a really good idea to at least get a diagnostic untrasound in the high hanstring/adductor tendons. Without insurance it costs about $250 so less with insurance, and well worth it. It will give you an inside look at the tendons, any tears or degeneration (which itself can cause pain) and tell you if there is inflammation or not. The sooner you know real answers the better the outcome can be. Until you get a look in there it can be risky to run or to stretch those tendons even with gentle yoga. If you do the diagnostic untrasound I'd find a different Ortho dr to do it as it leaves no room for modesty and you want to best ultrasound images you can get

  9. Gracie!!!! I keep waiting for good news. I am so sorry. I hate to say it but this doc sounds like a dork. Can you see someone else? A sports doc? Someone who can give an exam without getting embarrassed? There has to be a cause for this and a solution that will get you running and kicking butt again. Big hugs!

  10. I'm jumping on the runners' doctor train. Can you find one near you? Someone who works with high level athletes? It will be worth the out-of-pocket expense that might happen. You need answers. Too bad they couldn't just rip your leg out of the hip socket like my chiro did to me. I think after a couple more yanks, I'll be good to go ;-)

    Seriously NEED some answers. Email me if you need to vent. Remember...I was hurting for 8 straight years. You don't want that.

  11. so sorry to hear you are struggling so much with this injury thing. I miss reading and being inspired by your runs on dailymile:) ugh, not being able to run and not finding a solution to your injury must be the worst.

  12. Ug. That sucks! I think you should see a different doctor! This guy is probably nice, but if he doesn't have answers, you need to find someone who does!

  13. this is not good
    time for a second opinion