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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That took a long time

Nice to see Competitor Group is so on the ball with these things (this race was the first weekend in March!).
That is one ugly award. And it weighs 100 pounds. 
Now I can't really gripe because this is just an age group award, but I really wish awards were kind of functional. You know, like the Louisiana Marathon's jackets and artwork! That was awesome! 

Let's say you place in a race. What would your ideal prize be?
Besides cash, I think workout wear and accessories would be great. Since they're usually donated, you kind of get more for your money - you might get a $50 cash prize, but a store would donate shoes that retailed for $100 but were about to go on clearance anyway. 


  1. I love the jacket idea. I'd be down with that! I actually placed second in my age group at my last race, but since I didn't know I did it, I left before the awards ceremony...and I haven't driven to pick up the trophy :/

  2. anything other than a plaque or medal.

    stuff I have liked:
    coffe cup
    water bottle
    gym bag

  3. Totally with you on this. I have a big box full of medals, plaques, etc. that I never look at. Product or cash is always welcome!

  4. I think products would be nice! And definitely money. I have only gotten plaques and medals and they are pretty useless in my opinion.

    Or Gift Certificates for FOOD!

  5. Some of the local races around here give gift certificates to restaurants. My husband LOVES when I win those! Recently I won a 6 month gym membership to a really nice local gym but I think I'm going to sell it to a college student in August. I do not need a gym membership right now. I actually already have one to a cheap gym with basic stuff. I only go there when I have to cross train or it is raining hard and I need a treadmill.

    Other things I've won that I like: mug, Runner's World gym bag, fleece blanket, tech shirt and art work. For the Little Rock Marathon I won a glittery silver disco ball. Really?!! (Ok, the theme was celebrate but still, what am I going to do with a disco ball?!)

  6. I think that award you got is great. Maybe I'm weird, but I prefer plaques/medals over anything else. Because while running gear ages over time, plaques/medals stay forever. Putting that plaque on your wall would be cool. Heck, I still have my participant plaques from when I played little league 20 years ago. If I had simply gotten clothes or some accessory, there is no way I would still have that now most likely.

  7. I am with Nelly on this one. :)

  8. I would want money or a gift certificate to a running store!

  9. I agree. I want free race entries to future races... or cash/gift certificates. I hate plaques, they just add to clutter.