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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friends and family discount!

You're all my friends, right?
Today you can get 15% off at Walgreens for friends and family day. Print this coupon and bring it in today, May 11th, for 15% off everything and 20% off Walgreens brand items.

You can also get the discount at Use the coupon code FRIEND15

Happy shopping!


  1. If only there was a Walgreens on my vacation! :)Thanksfor sharing though.

  2. Thanks! Darn it, I just went to Walgreens yesterday! But maybe I can find something else I need...hmm..

  3. I need to look around the house and see what Walgreens-y things I might need...I'm sure there's something! Thanks for sharing the coupon with us!

    And I totally will tell Ms. Yoga Pants next time I see her. Do you think I need to preface it with "Hey, not to sound at all creepy but..." ?

  4. Get a mother's day some money. :)