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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knee recovery

Remember how, two days before the Boston Marathon, I fell while running and creamed my knee? 
It was pretty badly skinned and bruised for a good while, and for a few days it was swollen and a little infected.

Believe it or not, it's only just now improving - five weeks later!
The scabbing is over and it's beginning to scar, but the dark color is a fading bruise: it stayed blue and purple for about a month.

And I don't know if you can tell since to get the right angle I would have had to take this picture with my feet, but there is still some fluid in the right knee. It has gone down considerably, but the swelling is still bothering me a little.
Gosh I need some lotion.
You know what's weird about this? I'm skittish on St. Charles Avenue now. When I get to the area where I fell I get all slow and careful!
I think this is my worst running fall, but not my most embarrassing. I slipped on wet leaves on the sidewalk once and slid into the street, forcing a little old lady to slam on her brakes and swerve, then overcompensate and hit the curb. She was rattled. I was fine - just a little muddy!
What's your worst (best?) fall story?


  1. Most of my running falls have happened in Audubon park. The most embarrassing was when I yelled the F word about 3 times as I lost my balance and stumbled over a bunch of roots- of course there were little kids around.
    The worst was when I tripped over roots and skidded on my side when I landed- those scrapes took a while to heal!

  2. tough-but it has healed so quickly!
    I've had nothing too bad-but one time in Uganda, I went for a quick run after work and slid as I was on the last stretch. I just ended up with holey trousers and grazed hands and knees like a 5 year old...but the worst thing was, I was running alone...hate that..!

  3. Yuck Gracie!!! I am so glad it is mostly healed and hope that the rest of the fluid/swelling goes away soon. You must have REALLY banged it hard.

    I have only fallen once - on an icy curb. Hurt my butt and my pride fairly equally. EVERY TIME I go over that curb now, even in the summer, I am super careful. :)

  4. Ouch!
    I was 13 and had just started running. I ran down my street at 6am, and slipped on gravel in front of a neighbour's house and bashed my knee (loads of blood). Said neighbour was in the front yard watering his plants. He just stared at me, still watering, while I blubbered and struggled up to limp home.

    I STILL have the scar (16 years later)- so you might have yours for a while! Oh, and I still really dislike that neighbour.

  5. I slipped on a dewy hill and broke my wrist. That's my most embarrassing and worst fall rolled into one.

  6. Yikes. It still has fluid!? Goodness. I haven't fallen in a while (knock on wood) but when I was a kid I was quite accident prone. I used to fall all the time on gravelly areas, so my knees are still scarred all over from that.

  7. Ouch!
    I hope it finishes healing quickly for you.

    I've taken a couple of good (twigs-in-my-hair) tumbles on the run, but my worst was while hiking. I slipped and landed tailbone first on a rock. In addition to being black and blue, I couldn't sit for weeks!

  8. That's soooooo crazy it's just now looking better!

    I don't have a fall story. [knock on wood]

  9. oh gosh - ouch!! Hope it's doing better.

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