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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boston: the marathon you always want to remember

Or not. Maybe it sucked this year. Rumor is it was hot.
So, I ran Boston this year and I didn't buy THE JACKET.
Was: $100. Now: $50 - ie, still about $30 too expensive

But Gracie! you protest. Everyone buys the jacket! Nah, not me, because I knew it would go on clearance for 50% off if you gave it a few months.
In fact, there's a ton of Boston items on clearance - which brings me to a point. I have heard many runners say/post things about Boston merchandise, for example:

"When I see a runner with a 2013 Boston jacket, I will respect them because the 2013 qualifying times are stricter."
"To me, the 2012 Boston jacket is like broadcasting that you couldn't make the 2013 standards, so I didn't buy one."
"If you qualified by 2012 standards and deferred to 2013, can you still buy the 2013 gear? That's not fair because you didn't run 2013 BQ times."

I am here to pronounce all such comments frivolous because duh, anyone can buy Boston gear from whatever year they want, you just have to go online and do it. Actually, I made Boston small talk with another runner before a race last year, and the guy replied that he didn't actually run Boston, he just really liked the Adidas shorts style he was wearing and all the Boston stuff goes on sale for far below retail!

Now, am I really going to buy the Boston jacket now that it's on sale? Well, still no. I already own a windbreaker and I feel guilty about spending $50 on an item I don't need, so nope. I might maybe perhaps spring for the $12 ball cap though!


  1. Gotta say--it's all just stupid talk. Why does everyone feel the need to debate the validity of jackets, etc.? Stupid.

    I think if you go to Boston every year, a jacket each year might be overkill. But I only do it every five years or so, so I like to update my jackets!

  2. Those comments are ridiculous. Why do people find the need to compare (negatively) themselves to other runners? Or to put down's an honor and a great accomplishment to have qualified for Boston, no matter what year!!!

    I never buy the "gear". I already have so many "free" shirts and hats and stuff... if they give it to me, I will take it, but if I have to pay extra, no thanks, I know which races I ran!

  3. Stirring the pot again? haha. I only bought the jacket in 2011 because it was a) black and, b) I kind of needed a jacket at the time c) I didn't have to spring for a hotel there- so why not?

    You are pretty funny about the "still 30 $ too expensive" :) I suppose the jacket= a race fee. That's kind of how my running budget works. Race or jacket?...hmm...

  4. well since you can buy the jacket without even running the race... technically it doesn't mean anything.

    it is $$$ though. the on sale tidbit is good to know. i did not pay the sale price for my 2010 version. i doubt i would buy another one if i were to re-run boston. unless it was in hot pink. i don't really care to re-run it though.