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Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday art

Basketball finals and painting: multi-tasking at its finest.
I use a tackle box for brushes and rags and a Corningware plate for a palette. Note the unfinished edges on the canvas. Leaving them that way took a lot of will-power! 

We have high ceilings, so I don't mind having art hung so high, and it takess up the awkward blank space over the TV. Each paining is 18" X 24"

Here's the thing about me and art: if I don't want to paint it, it will suck. This is why I changed my major from art in college. If I wasn't interested in a project (hello, commissions!) I never liked the result. Saturday I had two totally sketched canvases that were realistic sunlight-through-the-leaves pictures. It took me about 45 minutes to sketch both canvases, but they just weren't holding my interest. I really wanted to do a messy, painterly urn with lemons (for some reason this image has been stuck in my mind's eye for weeks).
So I remembered that no one was paying me a dime for this and just painted over my sketch. That was a waste of time. But I like the finished products. I rarely do such loose, unrealistic work; it was a little refreshing.

Surprisingly, I have little of my own art in the house: these in the living room, a still-life in the kitchen, a nude and a sculpture in the bedroom, and a pair of pelican sketches in the dining room. We also have some poster art and maps.

How much art is hanging on your walls?


  1. I think it's so cool that you have this artistic side of you. Actually, you're pretty well rounded--pharmacist, runner, artist! I can only appreciate art, not even contemplate creating it!

  2. Love love your creative side Gracie. And I bet I'd love your house too!

  3. I am so impressed with people who have artistic talent. Very very cool! I have pics of my kids on the walls (big head shots of all 12 take up on whole wall and then we have a huge family portrait on another wall). Besides that we have a big variety of art from all of the kids different cultures which I really like. :)

  4. I wish I was artistic! The only piece of 'art' I have hanging on my walls is a Rothko 'knock off' that my friend helped me paint. We painted it when I moved into the condo I bought 7 years ago. I couldn't afford wall art but had a big open space, so she came over and helped me paint a canvas. It's not art is the eyes of most, but I think I'll probaby hold onto it forever.

  5. I wish I was artistic...I am so talent
    on my walls I have some painting from my favorite: Claude Theberge. Google him. and pictures of my family...everywhere.

  6. Those are so fun! My entire family is artistic, from great grandfathers (who actually made money off of it!) to both my parents. I don't know what happened to me; I can barely knit a scarf. I don't have a lot of art, but I move around a lot. So I fill space with plants. Plants I can do.

  7. Love the new artwork!

    I haven't painted in quite some time. Writing has become my "art" lately. But my mom does amazing art in colored pencil. She sent one of her works to Hubby and I as an anniversary present. We just got it back from the framer and hung it today! (It is now part of our on-wall collection of photos, a couple of posters, and two of my old college-years paintings...)

    PS - Your comment to The Boring Runner made me chuckle. ;)