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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hanging up my shoes

It's over, folks.
I didn't really have any place to hang my shoes up, so I tied the laces together and tossed them over my electric wires. It made sense to me. 

I'm hanging up my shoes. I'm done.
Done with Monday night track that leaves me with really amazing hair the undereyes of a 78 year old.
Done with Saturday long runs that are my ticket to a 4000 kCal consumption day.
Done with mediocre mid-week runs that only become speedy when the bells at Holy Name chime the quarter hour and I realize that in an hour and fifteen minutes I have to be done running, bathed, dressed, fed, lunch packed, dinner started, commuted, car parked, and my pharmacy open for business,
Done with 6:00 am ignore-the-alarm sessions.
Done with Sunday breakfasts of Gu and race Gatorade.

That is to say, for this week. I'm taking a break this week to recuperate and rest and hopefully to heal. My hip has been bothering me for awhile now, so I am going to take a little break and see if that fixes it. Plus I'm due for a running break.
I haven't taken real time off in a long time, and I think I need it. Maybe I'll return all fresh, uninjured, and ready to run!


  1. You bum! You totally scared me there for a minute. :) Glad you aren't hanging up those shoes for too long, but hope that break does you good and gives that hip the rest it needs. enjoy the break! :)

  2. Good for you crazy girl! This will be good for you! Glad it isn't anything too serious.

  3. Hi I just discoverd your blog and think your writing is great. I'm new to blogging and can only hope to post as well as you down the road. You are also a FAST runner! I am NOT!

  4. I fell for it.
    you happy?
    I hope this break will do the job for you!
    have a good week!

  5. Smart girl. Rest hard, sleep in, recharge

  6. I think a week off is just what you need. You have been going, going, going for so long now! I hope the week off is good for your hip!

  7. You've been on quite the streak so I'm sure the rest is needed and will do wonders for you!

  8. Enjoy the break - every runner needs one!

  9. I hope it works! Enjoy the rest time..well earned!

  10. Yes, REST!!! Good for you, you need it. I have been 'resting' for a week and a half and everyone, including super speedy people I know, say rest is the single best thing you could do while training or just keeping in running shape. I hope it does your body good. I'm kind of still waiting for some magic to happen;-)

  11. I think a break is a great idea. Be careful where you throw those shoes or you may get people knocking on your door, asking to buy dr*gs. :)

  12. Definitely get some rest, & recover fully. You deserve it & your body needs it! Because this a subject near & dear to my own heart/brain, what kind of workouts are you thinking of doing in the meantime when you're not running?

  13. We are on the SAME PAGE today. During my 12 mile run today my knee starting acting all psycho on me again and I just had it. I made a decision to not run for 2 weeks. Two weeks from today I am going to run and see if it is any better. I hope that's all the time I need but I can't move forward without taking care of this. Sorry- I don't mean to talk about myself on your blog. Back to you- I really hope a few days or weeks(whatever you have in mind) off running helps your hip. I think we all need a break every once in a while. You know you will be fresher and faster once you rest and heal.

    I hope you make it ok in a non-running world these next few days/ weeks. I'm afraid I'm going to lose it. I will have to check in and see how you are handling things... Good luck! :-)

  14. Enjoy this break! We all need it once in awhile. I hope your hip starts to feel better in the mean time.

  15. Hm, I wonder what's wrong with your hip. Once, I had a stress fracture in my hip and it was miserable.

    Resting sounds like heaven right now, that's what I'm up to. I prob won't run until the end of this week, or maybe next week? My quads are very tired...

    Oh and by the way, I really did think about your comment on my marathon goals post during my marathon, it REALLY made a difference to me. (You told me that you promised that I would PR.)