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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A priest, a Porche, and a picnic

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and thanked a military member....
We spent Saturday cleaning up and making things pretty around the house, but after church Sunday we headed out to Mississippi to celebrate David's sister's birthday. Her friend the priest was there. With his Porche. Everyone needs to stop giving money to the Catholic church NOW, obviously.

After lunch we dragged two innocent little nephews to the beach for a harrowing photo shoot. Let's just say loving playing at the beach is not the same as loving having your picture taken at the beach. I had to console Jacob after the ordeal by reading a musical card to him...about 7000 times. 

Monday passed too quickly... after a blistering hot run (and a hurting leg...this injury is really taking a while to resolve!) my sister-in-laws and I walked the 2-mile bridge to the beach where David met us with picnic supplies. We ate on the beach, then played around and got crispy and red. We used sun block, but it seems like a burn always sneaks up on me and I don't realize until too late. I already had hundreds of new freckles after my really sunny 5 mile run; now they're camouflaged on a hot pink background.
How was your memorial day?


  1. Great write up and car pic is awesome...

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