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Friday, May 20, 2011

Foody Friday: bulk cooking

I cook a lot of beans. It comes from growing up poor, I think (I like to say dramatic stuff like that). Plus I like beans, what can I say? I have simple tastes. We have them once or twice a week, or until my husband complains.

This is basically what I do: Throw beans in the crock pot and cook them like this. Come home from work and start rice - make a double pot and save half for later in the week. Prep sausage and veggies and flavoring; add some to beans and freeze the rest in small batches.
I use turkey sausage to decrease grease

Here's what I made last night: I chopped 2 pounds of hot smoked turkey sausage, 4 celery stalks with leaves, 2 green peppers, an onion, and 4 clove of garlic. I stirred it up and microwaved it for ten minutes, then added seasoning: bay leaf, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, Tabasco, and some Tony's. I stirred it and microwaved it for another 6 minutes. I divided it up into 5 batches, so I can get 4 more meals out of this. Yet I only had to do the work once. The next time I make beans, I just defrost the sausage mix in the refrigerator and add it to the beans as soon as I come home. This gives the flavors time to blend.
I always make sausage, rice, beans, biscuits, bread dough, pizza dough, and roasted vegetables in bulk. Are there any foods you always cook in bulk?


  1. I love to make soup in bulk - great for lunches & easy to freeze. Your beans with sausage look fabulous.

  2. That sounds really, really good! I love beans too, and they are just about the perfect food. I need to take a cue from you and do some bulk cooking.

  3. I love beans too but I'm usually lazy and buy them canned (your probably gasping at me right now :P). I like to make huge batches of hummus to eat through the week and also rice and quinoa, though!

  4. I'm not much of a cook, but when I do, I like to cook a big pot of something and eat left overs, and I definitely freeze, if possible.

  5. Brilliant! And it sounds awesome. We buy in "bulk" a few items at Costco. WIth the rate that the manfriend goes through PB, we get Adam's PB and Quaker oats there. They are way cheaper in that quantity than anywhere else. I also like getting flour and rice or quinoa in bulk.

  6. I need to "learn" how to make soup. I would make that in bulk... For now I just do rice. Enough for a few days... It "takes so long" you know.

    Youhave a good soup recipe? :)

  7. I made breakfast burritos in bulk this weekend. They're happily chilling in the freezer until I want one for a meal. :) Not quite an ingredient, but similar idea.