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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Run

Since my new schedule started, I've been trying to follow a strict regimen: Upstairs by ten (generally asleep by eleven - I just need a set time to start getting ready for bed, reading, setting out clothes for the next day, etc), wake up at six. The goal is to workout before my work day starts at nine and so far, so good. I haven't been very good about getting in longer runs, especially since I'm still trying to figure out the fastest route to work and want to give myself time to play with new streets and "shortcuts". Today is my short work day - just 6 hours, since I work 9 hours on other days - so I did ten miles this morning, and it felt good to get a longer distance in.
My only problem with this schedule is that I just don't like running in the morning. I feel sleepy and sluggish. I have been running on an empty stomach, even though I know coffee would help. I just don't want to have to make two pots (obviously I HAVE to have coffee after running, too,  to get me through the work day!).
Maybe I need this mug.

So, thoughts on morning running...

Do you have to have coffee or food first?
How far do you run on work days?
Why does morning running suck so much...or is it just me?


  1. I usually eat a full b'fast before i run in the AM! I am ravenous when I wake up and end up feeling nauseous afterward if I don't eat before.

  2. I have to eat a small meal before I run in the morning. I just can't handle it otherwise!

  3. I run 4-6 miles in the morning before work. Some days I forget to grab food beforehand - and I can barely eek out the 4. Usually I just eat a Cliff bar or a banana. I hit the gym at 5.15am. It sucks. But I know if I didn't get there in the morning, it's not going to get done.

  4. That should say "eke" out... although :eek: is how I feel sometimes.

  5. I rarely eat before a run... Just usu some cereal before a long (weekend) run. After awhile your body gets used to being up early and running and you'll be able to throw in speedwork if you want.

    I do 5-8 before work (I have to be in at 7:30).

  6. I've ran up to 9 miles before work before! But that's it. I would say on average I would only run up to about 6 miles before work (I do that once a week right now). When I was marathon training my schedule called for 8 miles during the week a lot towards the end and that was difficult for me to squeeze in before work on a regular basis!

    I HAVE to eat before a run. Usually a banana with a bit of PB before my 6-mile weekday runs. I also used to have coffee before them but now that I'm not really drinking coffee anymore I don't do that.

    Just keep chugging along, soon it will become routine!

  7. I do not like morning running. I did it last summer when I was marathon training, but those were NOT my favorite runs. I am an after-work runner. The longest I ran before work was 8 miles. I never had the time to eat much before a run - so I would have some water and maybe a banana? That's it.

  8. If the run is short, coffee before, food after. If it is longer, a little tiny bit of food and coffee first, a lot after!

    Sometimes when I eat too much beforehand, it slows me way down.

  9. something small in the tummy. work days, anywhere between 3 miles to 10
    i hate morning running. i only do it when i'm training for a marathon.


  10. I am still experimenting with fueling, but I have something small ahead of time. (Note that I'm not running anything like the distances that you do, so this may not work for you).

  11. When I do run before work it is usllay just 2 miles or a 5k on the treadmill. I get ready for work then sometimes don't eat my strawberry oatmeal until I get to the office. My problem with morning running is trying to find out a way to have enough time to get out of bed and get that run in.

  12. Gracie!! I've missed you! Thank you for such wonderful advice for the marathon...I'm going to use it and credit you with it in a later post.

    I love morning runs and usually only need water and a few bites of a banana. Longer than 15 miles and I need more. Not a coffee drinker either, but I know that is necessary for some ;)

  13. I usually wake up an hour before my run and have a half cup of coffee & something small to eat. (I don't know how people run on an empty stomach!) That means I've had enough time to digest a little & wake up. Obviously, this is harder when you're waking up at 3 or 4 for EARLY morning long runs in the summer but I usually don't cut it closer than 45 mins.

  14. Yeah, I'm not much of a morning runner either, but when I do, they tend to be shorter, easier runs. On the weekends, I can manage the earlier runs but only bc I know I have the whole day ahead to relax.

    If I'm going before work, I'll have a half a banana w/ a little pb on it or a bite of a Luna type bar. I'm not good at running on total empty. I also find that I'm pretty dehydrated from sleeping so I chug some water before I go.