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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Groceries in the ghetto

On the way home from work last night, I had to stop to buy milk. I live uptown, which means I have exactly zero grocery stores nearby (well, there's Roberts on Claiborne, but it's so expensive I shy away. However, they have the best French bread in town so I still make the occasional trip just for the bread!). I decided to make a quick stop at the Sav-a-Lot right by my old, the ghetto. So, I parked and got out, and was almost run over by a security guard chasing a shoplifter. The guard collared the man and they began struggling and shouting obscenities. I shrugged and went shopping.
Right outside the store another security guard was insisting a shopper put out her marijuana cigarette before entering.
So this Sav-a-Lot is repulsive. It reeks of sour milk, rotting fruit, and expired foods. There are heaps of dirt on the floor, and sadly - since it's inner city - there are about six vegetables (I mean actually six, not six different kinds) but a whole aisle for Little Debbie. There were long lines, so I parked my cart in one and ran to get my milk. I put my groceries on the belt, but it was broken and never stopped running. My groceries and those of the man in front of me tumbled to the floor. In the ensuing melee (BTW you do NOT want to get all up close to the Sav-a-Lot floor), the cashier rang my milk up with  the other guy's groceries. I pointed that out, but she shrugged. "Ain't got no manager, can't void," she said. So I pulled out my wallet and bought my milk back for cash from the guy. At least he was a good sport about it.
At Sav-a-Lot, you bag your own groceries, but they were out of bags. Luckily I bring my own, but I left the watermelon I bought unbagged. In the parking lot a young man walked up and gently but menacingly shoved my cart towards my car as I unloaded. "Hey," he said, "I can have that watermelon?" "Uh, NO, go buy your own," I snapped. I do not like people trying to take my food. I slammed my car door...but I could not back up because behind me a car was taking too long to pull out, so another driver had gotten out and was now engaged in a loud verbal war at the driver's window. Because that's apparently how we solve our problems. I drove the wrong way out of the lot and dragged my hard-earned groceries home.
I miss my old work neighborhood so much.


  1. I would shop elsewhere. We call those Dirty-Marts!

  2. That does not sound fun at all. Is there somewhere else you can shop for milk that's maybe not a full service grocery store? Do you have a grocery delivery service in your area?

  3. Oh my gosh! Wow... We do not have anything like that in Minnesota. I guess it just shows how sheltered of a life I live!!

  4. yeah i'd rather spend extra i think at the snooty store...

    but you have to promise you'll take me here to pick up pre-race fuel when i run LA.