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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greek Fest 5k...a return to running

I ran the Greek Fest 5k last Friday - my first run back after hurting my leg. It's a night race, warm and humid, and lots of stars show up since there's a cash prize. People OBSESS about the cash prizes.
I decided to take it easy and stop if my leg hurt. Of course, I started out way too fast. I hadn't run in almost two weeks, plus I wanted to assess the leg, so I should have backed off: but everyone started so fast I did, too. The pace was far too quick for me (mile one: 6:28) and I paid for it: my second mile was 6:58 and in the third mile pains started shooting up my leg. I walked it off but you know...races are high pressure...I started running again since I figured "damage done"  and finished in 21:54. BAD.
Worse, my leg hasn't improved since. I thought I was ok to do a few runs but now it's swollen. What's up with that?!
The Greek Orthodox Church and canoeing on Bayou St. John

Greek Fest, of course, was fun - the race fee ($15) includes entry to Greek fest and two beers in addition to your T-shirt and swag, so you really almost break even. Entry plus two beers would cost you $11 without the race. It's a deal! We ate lamb sausage pita by the bayou and relaxed. So fun!
I guess it's back to the elliptical for me, though. Can someone please recommend another form of cardio? I'm losing my mind.


  1. Looks so fun!!!! Swimming is SUCH good cardio!!

  2. The rowing machine is an honest workout - very tough.

  3. so sorry to hear about your leg...the only cross training I could manage while I was injured was biking, but I still feel like it is pretty boring in comparison to running. It looks like the greek fest had some fast times. my former teammate was the overall male winner and he posted a pretty quick 5k!

  4. Bummer about your leg pains during the 5K. You haven't seen a doctor yet have you? If not, I would recommend seeing one to know what you are dealing with. You don't want your injury to spiral even worse. Shooting pains in your leg does not sound like a good sign, and the fact that it hasn't improved with rest and days off.

    I think in a previous post you said that you might have a stress fracture. If you do indeed have a stress fracture, I think the only cure is no running and to avoid pressure on the foot.

    I have runners knee right now can only do swimming and biking. Eliptical gives me a little bit of pain, so I can't do that right now. Good luck, I hope it is not a stress fracture or else you might be joining me in the pool a lot the next month or so.

  5. Hey! Just started checking out your blog and followin' - congrats on all of your awesome times! Anyways, have you tried spinning or biking?
    I just got a road bike and it's really awesome to get outside and go fast. It feels like a great workout too :).

  6. Hope you feel better soon! (Sub 22 with an injury, you are my hero!)

  7. Have you had your leg looked at? Swollen does not sound good. I have no medical background so my opinion doesn't matter but I might get that checked out since you've taken some time off and it's not better. :-/

    Biking? Step-class? (I'm uncoordinated). workouts?

    Someone was telling me the elliptical is the worst exercise bc it just doesn't do anything? Something about center of gravity being off maybe? I don't remember, obviously, so I should have just not said anything haha. Too late as I'm not gonna backspace on my phone it takes too long :)

  8. Ahem, Gracie, are you going to see a doc about this? Xray? Just don't want it to turn into something serious if it's not yet.

  9. Sucks about your leg.

    I usually do spin class when I need a break from running.