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Friday, May 13, 2011


I think I have a stress fracture. I fractured my tibia because I wanted to be cool like Janae and SUAR. Actually, this is undiagnosed, but I have sharp, localized pain when I run or do stairs and actually when I first noticed the pain I could run my finger under the bone and feel a big egg (which has since subsided).
The other kind of egg, I mean.
 I think this happened because I was wearing too-small shoes: it occurred shortly after I bought new shoes that didn't fit and the pain started after two back-to-back ten milers, one of which was kind of fast.
So, the big question is, do I HAVE to rest it? I can deal with the pain if it's ok to run through it. I think a little running will just stimulate bone regrowth, right?
Also I have two races coming up, one this weekend, and I am NOT wasting the entry fee, so DUH I'm running that one at least. And actually I ran last week's 5k having already concluded that this was a stress fracture, and other than having to limp home I was just fine. So can I just ignore it and it will go away???
By the way, I am upset that this happened before I had a chance to publish my slightly arrogant "How to avoid injury" post. Trash that draft!
Are any readers doctors who can tell me it's ok to keep running, since all other forms of cardio make me want to slit my wrists?


  1. Oh no! That's sucks. I think you know what I would say so I'll leave it at that. I will mention, however, that I used to hate swimming but after finding my running zen I find swimming a lot more pleasant. Maybe this is just the beginning of your triathlon career?

  2. I'm so sorry! This stinks. I can't give you any advice or anything but I hope it heals quickly!!

  3. Well, there is only one thing that kept me out of medical school.....

    High school.

    I can tell you that my PT said it was okay to run when I had a similar pain as long as the pain did not get worse.

  4. I had a fibula stress fracture and ended up having to take three months off of running (or any activity with impact). My advice is rest and heal before you end up making it worse. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear. But best of luck to you. You can still bike and swim (or water jog) if you want.

  5. I'm also not going to say to keep running on a stress fracture, but I will say that aqua jogging is quite challenging if done right. With the temperatures and humidity rising, perhaps you need some pool workout time!

  6. Sorry to hear that about the pain. I would recommend going to a doctor to get it checked out for confirmation that you are okay to keep running. At the very least you will at least know what you are dealing with. I've been dealing with a variety of injuries the past couple months - and I felt like I stopped worrying when I finally got a diagnosis on what I was dealing with. I hate dealing with the unknown.

    And I'm assuming that the race already happened, but I probably wouldn't have done the race. Hopefully you aren't limping right now =)

    And I found your blog through Jess I think, your comments always seem to make a lightbulb go off in my head about things I can improve for next race (fueling during races especially)

  7. Oh lordy, not good! I hope you get it checked out. The sooner you start healing that bone, the sooner you'll be back out racing.