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Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank you!

You know what? You guys are awesome. Thanks for the congratulations on my new job. I definitely don't deserve them since this promotion basically fell into my lap, but they're absolutely appreciated all the same. SO SWEET.
And while I'm gushing, hello new readers, nice to see you. I will attempt to curb the incredibly boring posts and put up something amusing at some point so you won't all un-follow. For now I have nothing useful or interesting to say, since my brain is currently completely occupied with decreasing HIV transmission amongst rural minorities with strong religious ties (also I am trying to remember how to do a total void at the register. I'm kind of training for a diverse array of activities). So instead I will leave you with a link to some of Active's useful logs, including a route planner and a shoe tracker. Make sure you un-check the "daily emails" box!
Oh yeah, and tomorrow is free cone day at Ben and Jerry's.


  1. Thanks for the scoop on the free ice cream!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. YAY ice cream!

    YAY new job!

    YAy for anything including a "total void"! ;)

  3. Ooo, good link! I need to use the shoe tracker. I am not so great about tracking mileage on my shoes. But I am buying a new pair this week... to replace the pair I puked on at the cherry blossoms run (which were at the end of their useful life anyways) so I will have to turn over a new leaf and start tracking with this new pair!

  4. Gracie ! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog--they put a huge smile on my face-so thank you!

    I estactic for your new position and will certainly mow down some ice cream in your honor!!!

    Oh, and when you see Drew again, tell him my hubby has a man-crush on him big time!