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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pharmacy Glamour Shots

For my new job I have to submit a head shot for a marketing brochure. The hubby took three pictures. All of them are crap because I threw wet hair in a bun earlier so when I took it down I had hair going every which way. Oh well.
Which one should I pick?
1. Chipper smile

2. Ann Hathaway double

3. Jungle pharmacist


  1. The second one. Hands down.

  2. 1 (great smile!) or 3 (jungles are fun!).

  3. I love that there are 3 comments so far and all vote for different ones! You look great in all three, but I like the 1st one the best!

  4. combine 2 and 3 -

    Ann Hathaway / Jungle pharmacist

    (wasn't that a television show a few years ago?)

  5. Oh wow, you do look like anne hathaway! Whoa!

    I like the 2 and 3 one equally. I like the background (jungle) on the 3rd one but I like your open-mouthed smile on the 2nd one!

  6. While I like the jungle background, I don't think it's necessarily right for marketing, and it won't translate well on black and white materials. And chances are, it might make people wonder if you last dispensed medicine in the Amazon. Something to consider. :) Haha.

    But, I LOVE number 1 and number 2, and number 2 wins just a little bit more.

    I really get the feeling that I ( if I was a potential geriatric client) can talk to you about my senior issues, and that you really know what to do, and you really care. :)

  7. Ooh I like jungle pharmacist the best! Chipper smile would be my second choice!

  8. You look more like Anne in the first one. I like the first one. Yeah right, really he only took only 3 pictures? ha ha. My husband would have had to take like 30 for me to be satisfied with one. :)

  9. I vote jungle because it has the best name. They're all good though!

  10. I like #3 but with an open smile. I think showing the teeth always makes people seem more approachable, but that's just me. ANd they all look good.

  11. This is a tough choice. How about you photoshop the last one to have a different background. But if not I would have to vote for the second one.