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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from Boston!

Pretty sure I was the only marathoner visiting Boston THIS week in April!
We squeezed in a last minute trip to Boston before my new position starts (training begins tomorrow at 7:00 am) and we really had a wonderful time.
- We stayed at the historic Parker House hotel, where JFK proposed to Jackie and the great literati toasted.
Small rooms but great location.

- We walked the Freedom trail, reveling in our history and quaint old churches and graves.

- We discovered that if it was metal and it was made before 1820, Paul Revere made it (seriously, this man had a monopoly going on).
- We visited Salem, Havard, MIT, Lexington, and Concorde - mostly thanks to our friends with a car!
It was a gray day in Salem. Perfect for drowning witches.

- We threw snowballs - for the first time ever (I mean, at each other. I've thrown them at other people of course).
- We stood on the Old North Bridge.
I fired the snowball shot heard 'round the world a few minutes after this picture was taken.

- We ate our weight in Canolis and fresh breads and cheeses from the North End.
- We ran across the Charles River and around the Boston Commons.
We certainly had a range of weather, didn't we?

- We decided to come back next year so I can run this little marathon because I was getting serious running envy seeing all the preparations and excitement.

Are you running Boston? Tomorrow I will post my Boston favorites for you!


  1. Oooh I'm excited to hear you're going to run Boston next year! I'm glad your little visit swayed you and I'm also glad you had such a lovely time!

  2. oh, I loved Boston...the little I saw of it. I ran the marathon in 2004 (yes that makes me sound old) but I just kind of went and ran and left and didn't get to see all of these fabulous things. Next time! hopefully next year. ;) Thanks for the pictures! Love the first one of you guys. You're gorgeous!

  3. So glad you had such a good time! I love Boston!

  4. Oh fun! Sounds like a great get away! I am glad you are going to do Boston. I think it would be an awesome race to run, but it's not something I will ever do as I know it's not possible for me to qualify.

    I have to go to Boston for work this fall and can't wait!

  5. Boston is one of my very favorite cities! Glad you had a chance to check it out as a tourist first, runner next!

  6. a very historic trip!

    i always mean to do a bunch of things when i go places... but i'm usually lazy and do like 1-2 things.