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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Karhu Fluid Fulcrum Ride

Last year I bought my first pair of Karhu's because they were on clearance at Sierra Trading Post. This year, as all my shoes uselessly wear out at the same time, I bought another pair. On clearance. From Sierra Trading Post. With this kind of creativity I should write for SNL.
More linoleum for your viewing pleasure
This time I got the Fluid Fulcrum Ride, a cushioned trainer. It's not my first choice  - I'd prefer to wear a racing shoe for every run. But since Karhu's are so light to begin with, their heaviest neutral shoe is just 8.9 ounces! (the men's is 10.7 ounces). I still have a pair of racing flats (which I decided I don't like because of their stiff arch area), barefoot shoes, and my Karhu Fast Fulcrum's, so I needed a more general purpose shoe. This fits the bill, and using the coupon code ALAPRIL1 from Sierra I got them for $42, including shipping. Can't beat that!
So why did I buy another pair of Karhu's, you ask? Is it because it's fun to say their name? Or because they're Finish, which vaguely reminds me that I shouldn't quit mid-marathon and go back to bed? Or maybe because they keep redesigning them and I keep scoring clearance pairs?*
None of the above! I really like the squishy soft ride, the light weight, the flexible sole, and the whole fulcrum thing. Remember I don't like things that mess with your stride - this doesn't; it just reduces unnecessary (non-stride) movements that waste energy and slow you down. By the way the website doesn't explain it that's an updated site; the old one was better.
Not very many places carry Karhu's (the link to the nearest dealer in my area directed me to Boulder, Colorado), so they can be difficult to buy since you can't try them on. You can refer to my first post for fit details, but I will mention that the more current styles have a shorter toe box. The early styles had a longer toe box, which wearers complained about.
Sizing is basically identical to other running shoes - I went up a size from regular shoes, and got the same size as all my other running shoes. If you haven't tried Karhu's, I would suggest first trying to find your size on sale just to see if they fit you well - then if you love them, you can buy a pair at full price.

Does anyone else out there wear Karhu's? If not, what shoe brand are you loyal to?

* This may be the real reason.


  1. We have a store that carries them about an hour from my house. I drove with a friend to try them out. I liked them, but they were almost to soft for me. If i could get them on sale I would be all over it, but probably would not pay full price. You are a good bargain shopper.

  2. I went and looked at them - I like a neutral runner with ample cushioning - not in my size.

    But thanks - I will keep an eye out!

  3. My husband's company is based in Finland and he goes there all too often. Should I have him bring back a case next time? ; )

  4. I got my first pair of Karhus on clearance from Sierra Trading Post. I think they're great and I would love to buy some from a local store. Unfortunately, the nearest store that carries them is in Canada. I wish I had someone who would offer to bring back a case from Finland!

  5. I'm happy to find your opinion about Karhus. I'm not actually a runner, just an avid cross-trainer, but I've had the hardest time trying to find any sort of active shoe that was made in a country that has labor laws that I see as humane and reasonable. Thank you, Finland, for producing these expensive little shoes that I can feel good about buying! And thanks for your opinion on them. Helpful! -Christina M

  6. I have two pairs of the same Karhus (Fluid, same color as yours) that I purchased from Sierra Trading Post. I am getting to the point of having to get another pair and don't know what to do but keep looking at STP or at Eastbay for more Karhus. I love mine! I was able to do 10 miles with my 2nd pair, right out of the box.