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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A library across the street and a coffee shop next door!

Next to my new pharmacy is a coffee shop. I will perpetually be hyperactive. Right across the street is the main branch library.
Ok, so not the best lighting. I wasn't going to read in here or anything.

This is a small section of the downstairs. DOWNSTAIRS?! There are floors?!
This beats my current one-room library down the street all to pieces. I went there today after orientation and nearly swooned at the number of Wilkie Collins books they had.
I love libraries. You?


  1. What more could you ask for? LOVE libraries!!

  2. Nice! That is awesome that you work so close to a library - and a nice one from the looks of it!

    I like libraries, too. I am not crazy about the one closest to me... it's a bit dingy. And the brand new one downtown has become a hang out zone for homeless people... so yah... doesn't have the best vibe!

  3. Yes, love libraries. Librarians? Not so much. My quick encounters with them have not been positive. I forgot my card once...just once...and she told me she is going to have to charge me to look up my number. Well, you know what? I'm gonna charge you to look up your prescription refill number. Take that.

  4. how could you not? i love me some nice quiet libraries. oh yes. :)

  5. Now that you mention it my college library was pretty dark on some floors.

    I finally checked my dress material - 100%polyester. Boo. I was hoping chiffon meant not poly. What the heck can I do with an ivory 'wedding' dress now. I had my heart set on dyeing it navy blue. :(

  6. Coffee and books? Hells yeah I'm jealous!!!