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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vacation Emergency sort-of solved

Last night the hubby and I got on Hotwire and and hunted for vacation deals until 10:30 pm. Taking vacation is so complicated as a pharmacist: You have to have some one to cover for you or you just can't go. It's not like you can just put an "away" message on your email and deal with a big mess when you return - you have to be there and fill the drugs! So while I *have* to take vacation, I can't just take it when I want - there has to be someone available to cover for me. So I have to juggle travel deals with days I can take off. Insane and stressful!
We debated taking a great deal to London in November, but eventually passed on it. That's an expensive trip to take, even with low-priced airfare, and I think it merits a little more forethought. Instead we're going to NYC for a few days. There's always something to do in New York, and we'll combine the trip with a visit to our godbabies in phillie. I miss the northeast; it will be good to go back.
Of course we are going in November, the ugliest month in the area excluding March. Oh well, can't really complain about vacation, eh?
In your helpful comments, Charbelle recommended the Thunder City Marathon. Guess what, girl? I already checked it out last night! A close friend moved to Charlotte two years ago and I texted him last night about staying with him for the race. Unfortunately it's a busy weekend for the company so I may not be able to take the vacation days. Great minds think alike, though!
Now the rest of my vacation days will just have to be staycations, which several of you suggested. I think a few days at home would be a good opportunity to catch up on art projects. For an artist, my walls are pretty bare!
What have you done - or would love to do - on a staycation or a few days off?
Tomorrow I show you how to turn frumpsville pants into classy Audrey slacks. See ya then.


  1. I hope you enjoy your staycation! Try not to work too hard catching up on things. :) Pamper yourself!

  2. Oh NYC is a great option! Depending on when you go in November they may already have the holiday window displays up - those are so much fun to look at!

  3. I love staycations. When i had 2 weeks off between jobs last year, I planned lots of lunches with friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I cleaned out my closet which sounds boring but it felt great to get organized. I ran errands on a random week day morning and enjoyed the fact that the stores were way way way less busy.

    But my fave things was setting aside an afternoon, brewing a pot of coffee, and reading in my reading chair!

    I think NY in November is a great idea. Even if it's not peak seasson, it will still be a great time to visit (and less chaotic I would think). I mean, I am goign to Paris during their slowest time of the year and everyone keeps saying - 'won't the weather be terrible?' Well, it won't be warm by any means but it sure beats the subzero temps we'll have in MN. And HELLO, I'LL BE IN PARIS. I don't think the weather really matters when you are in a fabulous city. :)

  4. Yay NYC and Philly sound fabulous!!! If you run Thunder Road, YOU MUST MUST MUST let me know!!!! I'm not going to give my area in comment section but I can be emailed back from this comment if you want to discuss further :)

  5. i'm going to philly in nov!!!!! is it really ugly?

  6. New York in November will be fun...actually, I think that's the only time of year I've gone to New York despite being there several times. I'm a fan of the stay-cation though too...nothing like just catching up on things around the house!