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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you!

I tried all of your ideas yesterday and they were all a success! I woke up with the skin of a newborn babe! Oh wait. That was just a pleasant dream. More like, I slathered concealer all over my face and now I look like a normally-proportioned Heidi Montag.
But I do have a PLAN now.
The plan is to spend my $300 of health insurance on a dermatologist visit. My insurance is funky: I have a $5000 deductible, but I get "healthy points" for cholesterol, healthy weight, exercise, non-smoking status, etc. towards this deductible. I earned the max of $300 per year towards my deductible, but I haven't used any because I haven't needed medical care and I was saving it for an emergency. My face is SO bad, though, that I think this counts as a medical emergency. I mean, it's a visual emergency. Yuck!
You (incredibly helpful) readers brought up some great points yesterday. One is that I seriously need to work on the ol' thyroid and PCOD. Part of the reason that these conditions are untreated is that I do not adore taking hormones. It may be time for me to get over this. Perhaps I should see an OB/GYN before a dermatologist.
Another point that came up was benzoyl peroxide - both as a spot treatment and as Proactive - and I've shied away in the past because it made my face swell. But since it is obvious that my skin changed a lot maybe I can tolerate it now. Regardless - it's time to try something new and I guess I shall do so under medical supervision!

It is now your turn to vent about your health insurance. I've seen it all (working in health care), but I think we all need a chance to gripe. So if you have beef with Blue Cross Blue Shield, here's your invite!


  1. So are you aware of how pissed off East Jeff and BCBS are with each other?
    The situation bites me in the butt b/c my primary care doc I've had for 1 year (the guy I had at Oschner prior to that disappeared, literally. All the nurse would say was "He's not here anymore.") works at East Jeff so now I need another new Dr. for my yearly "Excuse me, I need more Albuterol for my exercise induced asthma" visit to the Dr.
    If anyone knows a good internal med or family med doc- please let me know!

  2. I hope that your derm visit or OB/GYN visit are successful and you see a difference... I have really struggled w/ my skin for the last 3-4 years. It's ridiculous that my skin is worse now than it was when I went through puberty!

    I am actually pretty ok w/ my insurance. I have a High Deductible Plan so my premiums are low. That means more out of pocket at times but it's worth it in the long run when I look at what i spend over the course of a year...

  3. I was going to comment yesterday but work internet is funky again. I was going to ask if you're getting enough moisture for your skin, that sounds weird I know but I have realized I sweat out a ton of salt when I run. With all the running you do it may be an imbalance of some kind. I think your visit to either an ob or dermatologist are the best route to go!!!

  4. I'm actually pretty good with my insurance. Of course, I don't really ever have to use it for anything so that might be why. Hopefully your dermatoligst appointment will help!