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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I desparately need your help!

I'm having a skin crisis.
I'm 28 and covered in acne! And I need all the suggestions I can get!
Here are my face-shots of my current red, pimply glory, and here is my back ground info:
1. Skin type: I sure as shootin' don't know. It gets dry and irritated easily, yet I get plenty of acne.
2. Acne type: Mostly large and irritated with peeling skin.
3. Skin care: Morning: Hand-made soap. My skin handles this well - no break-outs, redness, or drying. Evening: Exfoliating scrub with salicylic acid, then tretinoin cream. Day: Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer with spf.
This skin care regimen used to work well and break-outs were rare. Now, not so much.
- Running makes my skin worse. Sweat sitting on my skin could be harming it.
- Hormones are haywire. Because I have thyroid problems and PCOS, I have variable hormone levels.
- I am actually 14 years old.
I'm hesitant to change my routine because it used to work well, but obviously something is not doing its job anymore. Suggestions? Hints? Tips? Dermatology referrals?
How do you care for your skin?


  1. gracie, i'm a skinoholic. first off, right when you come in from running, immediately clean your face.
    i say, continue with your mild soap, but wash your face with it 3 times a day. am, noon & night and use your scrub 2 a week.
    everything you're doing is what any Dermatologist would recommend. it sounds like it's hormone related, which can be easily fix by your ob/gyn. consult him and find out what hormone's you should be on. Estrogen is the key to staying young.

    that will be $20.00 please.

  2. For what it's worth, I'm breaking out like crazy right now. I think for it's its a change in the seasons combined with a change in moisturizer. I have really sensitive skin and I've handled this one (neutragena with alphahydroxy acids) in the past, but apparently my skin hates it now- it's not uncommon for me to suddenly have problems with a product, unfortunately.
    I will say that today's living social deal is a facial for $22 or microderm for $37 at a place in Metairie. So I'm going to get microderm and see if that helps me b/c it has in the past.
    Have you tried dabbing some benzoyl peroxide on the pimples? Caveat- do not do what I did once, which is do this then fall asleep on your blue pillowcases b/c it will bleach them in big unsightly spots.

  3. I wish I had a great solution, but I don't. My skin is OOC right now. Like terrible. It's kind of at the worst it's been in awhile which is uber frustrating. :( I am on tetracycline and it used to work but now I don't think it is so I might stop taking it...

    If you get some great suggestions that actually work, send them my way...

  4. PROACTIVE. Nothing else. I swear by it.

  5. I could have written this.

    I do two things that over the last year have helped. I have had these problems for YEARS. Everything either dried out my skin or didn't work.

    I take a prescription, Minocyclin, and I use an over the counter night cream on blemishes (shrinks them within a day or so) from Sephora. Here is a link for it:
    So far the combination is working for me. I hope you find something that works for you, I know how absolutely horrible acne is and how self-conscious it can make you.

  6. I hardly ever get zits (and I'm a teenager!).There are a lot of variables,family history,diet,etc.
    I have celiac,and if I eat foods i'm not supposed to,that will sometimes give me a few.Other thing is sleep.If you don't get enough sleep,your skin often suffers.
    I drink a lot of water,too.
    And i'm very careful about what I put on my has be like safe enough for me to eat it.I use Miracle 2 products,the moisturizing soap,and the lotion.
    But as you say,you're having thyroid problems,so that has something to do with it.I've heard of natural progesterone(like from wild yams) helping with it.You might want to look into that.