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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thunder Road, here I come!

Yesterday I used some of my vacation days to plan a trip to Charlotte to visit my dear friend, fellow pharmacist, and former roommate Bj. He graduated two years ahead of me and inspired me both to change my major to pre-pharmacy when I was a lost art student and to take up running. Before we were roomies I ran a little once in a while, but we started running together and Bj infamously used to throw gravel at me to make me run faster. In honor of this memory I signed up for the Thunder Road Marathon during our visit.
It's a kind of dumb marathon. It's expensive (especially if you register late) and full of totally silly wastes of money - like VIP spectator sections, a "double medal" for running two races that you have to pay for, and a deal on NASCAR tickets. I don't do NASCAR. In fact, I use it as a synonym for redneck. Sorry, I stereotype like that. I also mock Wrangler jeans and Kool Aid.
Nonetheless, I am determined to have an awesome race. I hear it is a little hilly, but I think I've figured hills out. You just walk up the bad ones and it doesn't even feel like an incline (this is why I could never be a competitive athlete).
Now I just need to figure out how to get from here - three weeks out from a marathon and in the middle of race season - to there: another full in mid-December. Any tips and suggestions?
Is anyone trying a pants alteration this weekend? I want to see some! Oh and contrary to a few comments - I couldn't do that, don't sew, etc - you could easily do this alteration! It's very simple and of course anyone can sew a seam. So I want to see some cute skinnies! :)


  1. I also associate NASCAR w/ being a redneck... I have a good friend that love NASCAR and isn't a redneck so he gives me crap for this stereotype, but oh well. I just don't get the allure of a sport where you watch people drive in circles...

    But seriously, I can't CUT a straight line - let alone sew one. If I had a crappy pair of pants in my closet, I would try your project to illustrate this! No joke. I have the cutting/crafting skills of a 5 year old. Not kidding.

  2. NASCAR has it's place, i suppose. :)

    go to my blog sweetpea, you've won an award! yep!

  3. I dated a nascar man. It's amazing what gets down at a nascar race. but they are fun....well fun isn't the right word. They are UBER red-neck-Y. ;)

  4. would it be odd for a man to have skinny jeans? (who's not in HS) if no, COUNT ME IN!

  5. WHOOOHHOOOOOOO SO EXCITED!!! Please tell me this means I'm actually going to get to meet you in person!!! If not then I'm listing all the different restaurants and cool things that are not Nascar related. Nascar brings lots and lots of money to the area, it has it's place but I totally understand what you're saying.
    You can totally do this, and while it's somewhat hilly the Atlanta 1/2 I did had worse hills, or at least this is the case for the 1/2 I'll look at the map for the full one and let you know.

  6. Look at you planning all these trips and races! I definitely stereotype the NASCAR people as well, don't feel bad.