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Friday, October 15, 2010

Two stupid things I did, and a decision

Happy random Friday! I am off today because a co-worker needed to swap some days. It means I'm working a 15 hour shift next Friday, but it's her son's pumpkin patch field trip, so how could I say no?
This week I did something stupid. A dear friend had a little baby girl, and she has been diagnosed with micropthalmia. One eye is smaller than the other and will remain so throughout her life. She may also have a coloboma although it is small enough that her ophthalmologist is actually unsure. I make all my friends' babies' handmade gifts, so I started a little teddy for her. You know where this is heading. Of course the bear's eyes turned out different sizes. Crap. I am now in the processes of making a safe little sweater.
This morning I did something more stupid. I flushed the toilet while changing the paper, and dropped the holder down the toilet. It flushed. It's gone. I'm flabbergasted. Should I call a plumber? How did that hunk of plastic fit down my 1902 pipes?
I'm thinking about running this marathon. The reason is silly - I don't want to "waste" those long runs I put in. If I'm already kind of trained, this is half the work! What do you guys think? It's November 27th, and the only reports I've heard about this race is that it is really, really, really boring and no spectators. I just ran a race with no spectators and I think I can deal with that, but is it worth it?
And now for your viewing pleasure, me in my old hometown at the old cemetery, making a funny face. We used to roller-skate on this road, and once we were cutting up loudly and throwing acorns at each other - then we came around the corner and straight into a funeral. Ah! Stupidity haunts me!


  1. I'll more than likely be running the half marathon there. The race is boring and spectator free, but it's also non-crowded and nice and flat, so you could look at it as a chance to PR. I ran my first half there in under 2 hours- I'm running it again for sentimental reasons if nothing else. Also, it is cheap, the t-shirt is long sleeve, and the pattern looks like something a biker would wear (It's awesomely tacky, with lots of flags and stuff, if that makes sense.)
    It was like 40 degrees last year which sucked, but it's not normally that cold in that area.

  2. The toilet paper thing is'll know soon if there is an issue! On the marathon, if you want to do another marathon - sure, but if it's one you think you hate it might not be worth it. Happy Friday!

  3. Oh that sucks about the teddy bear... glad you noticed it before giving it to your friend! Although she probably has enough on her mind, she might not have noticed it either!

    Hard call on the whole doing another marathon thing... I know your body is obviously ready, but it's still alot to do 2 marathon in the span of 60 days... tough decision!

  4. Oh, no! I hope that the dropped holder doesn't cause plumbing issues!

    I say go for it! As long as your body is feeling good, why not?