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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mardi Gras marathon launch, long run, and Tony Bennett

- If you're in New Orleans the MGM launch party is going to be hosted by Varsity Sports/Brooks and will be at City Park. There's a costume run at 5:30 and I hope give aways. Free stuff is my favorite!
- Today was another long run Thursday. I decided to squeeze it in this morning. Then I decided not to. Then I was forced to. Whatever, it's a long story, click my dailymile widget to read it. I don't feel like typing it twice. The second segment of the run was tough: Although the temperature had dropped 12 degrees from when I started (not making this up), there was a gusty wind and I was struggling against it for much of the run. Also it kind of sucks to think you're finished, then have to go back out. Boo.
Once I got home, I had some apple cider since I'm out of club soda (my favorite post-run drink). Then I ate the world's most enormous egg burrito. It was huge. It had potato, red pepper, scallions, cilantro, avocado, salsa, cheese, and THREE eggs. I could barely roll it. It needed Spanx for food. (Did anyone see the SNL Spanx for babies skit?) Actually I'm still staring at it because I can't get the rest of it down. I ate about 2/3 and now it's acting all smug, like it won some kind of bet. Geez.
Lately I've been eating eggs a lot after I run. I wonder why? Are they easy to digest? A fast meal for a hungry runner? A good source of protein? Or am I just too lazy to make a real lunch?
- Tonight we have a date night! We're going to a Tony Bennett concert. In preparation we've been listening to Tony Bennett all week, and it's making David all romantic. On Tuesday he brought me flowers!
What do crave/eat after a long run?
Do long runs scare you? No matter how many 20's I run, every time I leave the house for one I have a "What am I thinking? Humans can't run this far!" moment. Then I get over it. But it strikes momentary terror into my well-conditioned heart. How about you?


  1. I think eggs are an awesome post run food!! I get hit with the what am I thinking running 10 miles thought. It consistently amazes me the longer runs that you do!!!

  2. I hardly ever want to eat after a long run, but I do anyway. My favorite is a cheese and egg sesame seed bagel sandwich.

  3. Your burrito sounds good, I haven't tried eggs for post-run food...hmm...I usually want something rather unhealthy and slightly greasy, that's probably counter-productive.

  4. Yes, long runs always scare me. I try not to think too much about how far I am going to run...

    I got into eating eggs when I was trainign for the marathon. It's my go to breakfast now, actually. I like them w/ a little salsa on top. Yum!

    Oh and re: your question about knitting v. crocheting - it felt incredibly awkward to crochet. LIke I did not like it at all... I think it will be a LONG time before I do another crochet project. That blanket stressed me otu big time and I thought it would maybe never get done! ha. I would have posted about that, but the girl I gave it to reads my blog and I didn't want to post about how much I freaking HATED making it. I was in over my head, that's for sure! So I will stick w/ knitting... :)

  5. I always eat 2 hard-boiled eggs and fruit after I run. For me, eggs are great because they're easy to make and very portable. I also get crazy-freaked by long runs. Yes, I run marathons, but there is something so daunting about the number 20!

  6. Dude, we all eat eggs. Cool. I must be less-weird than I thought.