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Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentine

Original Valentine's Day plan:
Since I was working on Valentines Day and the hubby was riding in a parade, we decided to go out to dinner on Saturday instead. We made reservations at Sara's, a pricey but delicious everything fusion restaurant (seriously. I can tell it's fusion, but I can't tell what we're fusing with what). They have a salmon dish with wasabi that will make you slap yo mama.
Actual Valentine's Day:
I felt so sick Saturday I called and canceled our plans during the day. I felt too weak to even stand up at work so I figured we'd better not even try to go out. But you know what Mr. Charming did? He surprised me by ordering duck salad and an antipasto plate and I came home to a table set with wine glasses and candlesticks. So we sort of had Valentine's Day dinner anyway, although honestly I was too sick to taste my food (don't tell hubby that though).
We exchanged cards and both laughed because we got each other matching cards: they feature wine glasses and heart cut-outs on the front. Last year our cards looked different, but the messages inside were virtually identical (which either means that we are oh-so-connected-and-in-love, or Hallmark is running out of stuff to say).

I must say I did quite well on the card because I actually wrote the hubby a love sonnet - a real one (Shakespearean iambic pentameter!). I'm ridiculously pleased with myself over this.

I'm now sitting in my PJ's before getting ready for work. I called a doctor friend of mine and begged for an antibiotic rx Tuesday because I really was too sick to function. I NEVER take antibiotics so that should tell you how bad off I am! About an hour after the first dose I felt much better and I am now on the slow mend.


  1. So glad to hear you are improving, take care of yourself!!!

    What a sweet hubby, even if you couldn't taste the food. ;-)

    Question for you. I have some friends headed to NOLA soon, I was going to give them my favorite restaurants to go but the hubby has celiacs. I know gluten free food has become more common up here, however I wasn't sure if there were any restaurants down there that cater to the gluten free crowd? So many of the foods are made with roux which of course involves flour.

  2. What a sweet hubby! Glad you're starting to feel better!

  3. Hm, gluten free - well, there's Naked Pizza (for take out); Coquette on Magazine will go gluten free as will Bayona and Cafe Bamboo. I adore Coquette.

  4. Oh and Dante's kitchen uptown and probably all the sushi spots - Ninja, Sushi brothers, Saki cafe.