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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mardi Gras Marathon

Today was a gorgeous day: the perfect running weather. It was cool but the sun was shining out of a brilliant blue sky.

This is me getting ready for a perfect run!
But my run was far from perfect. I'm disappointed. Actually I have good news and bad news; let's do bad news first.
Bad: my race. 4:08:20's the time, and I'm embarrassed to publish that!
I started poorly because the wave start meant I was stuck in my coral with no water or bathroom for over 30 minutes. I got stiff and cold and thanks to the no water, I was dehydrated for the entire race. I never hit my pace. Then the coughing started. I coughed, coughed, coughed, coughed. It hurt my lungs, slowed me down, and robbed my breath.
I realized that if I slowed down, the coughing lessened. But that really hurt my pace! And then...more problems. Yes, this is TMI, but around mile 21 I began doubling over with cramps. I was already cramping but I'm pretty sure my body was trying to tell me, "Quit running, you idiot! Go home and get in bed with a hot water bottle!" I discovered it's majorly difficult to run with cramps. Usually during those times I skip my workouts or go on short slow jogs because I experience a lot of pain with movement. Ouch. Meanwhile my knee began swelling so severely that my knee strap popped off by itself! Then I had to go potty. So basically, the last 4 miles totally fell apart. Not that the first few were great. I was jogging at the finish line.

Now I'm mad at myself because other than the injuries listed, I'm FINE. My muscles had plenty of miles left and I feel pretty good. No stomach upset; good appetite. I should have been able to do so much better!
Enough whining: on to the good news!
The good news is that my little brother Abe, while running a slower time than predicted, finished in 2:49:37 - the 16th finisher overall and easily capturing his age group. Pretty good for a first marathon! And he won $1000!

The after party was GREAT - Sister Hazel opened for Cowboy Mouth - and we spread out my space blanket and had some chips and beer.

It was beautiful weather for a concert and once I stopped moving my cramps subsided and I could enjoy the morning.
Overall mood: grumpy my time sucked, happy I finished, worried about my swollen knee, thrilled for Abe!
Next up: a review of the actual race.


  1. Awesome race!! You did great considering what your last couple of weeks has been like. Don't get too down on yourself. Plus a 4:08 isn't all that shabby!! I know plenty of folks that would kill to be under 4:30.

    Holy cow your bro is fast! That is awesome that he won his age group and some $$$.

    Ah and Cowboy Mouth, love them and Sister Hazel. Looks like it was a gorgeous day!!!

    Congrats! You rocked!!!

  2. Wow - when you posted on my blog that you "ran a marathon today" I had to read it twice and then come here to find out more!

    I think you did a great job and should be very proud! Plus considering all the circumstances and the pain you were in, I'm amazed you finished at all - it sounds awful. I'm sure I would have wanted to stop. Nice job!

  3. Thank guys, you're so kind! I'm already registered for next year so I'll work on better time then.

  4. Well I think that's a FANTASTIC TIME! I'm aiming for 4:30 in my first marathon, lol. As a runner I totally understand that we have our PR's we like to beat though.

    And, holey toledo is your brother ever FAST!

  5. Thanks Amber, my brother's a BEAST!