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Friday, February 12, 2010

Warning: About to vent!

Since I am still a "floater" pharmacist I work at various stores when needed, just covering vacation and sick days. This week I worked at a store with a student at my old pharmacy school and boy, did she give me an earful. Apparently, there is a lot of concern in the class of 2010 about job offers. Basically, there aren't enough. That's because - ta-da! - we're in a recession! I guess I thought that people knew about that, but they don't it seems. The opinion I've heard from students is one of entitlement, as if they are entitled to a job when they graduate. Many students only got offers out of town or out of state and are angry about it.
That rankled me to begin with. This is a very competitive job market right now. Even the best of the best are unemployed. No one is entitled to a job right now!
Now to make matters worse,this student began telling me that the class has pretty strong opinions about MY job. You see, I'm pretty well-known at school since I shared all my class notes on a website and everyone now uses "gracenotes". But some people hate me for making A's and being a teacher's pet. Yeah, that's just how it goes. So what. But anyway, there is some resentment, and it is showing now. Several students have expressed outrage to my company's human resources department over being turned down for a job. One argument is that the hiring was done haphazardly with no regard to experience. As an example these students point out that I was hired, and "she has no retail experience, only hospital". Major flaw here: I had TEN, count them TEN, years of retail pharmacy experience when I graduated! I had hospital experience, too, but that's because I like having multiple jobs. Furthermore, I have a nice clean little resume: good grades, experience, research, volunteer work, etc. I'm pretty sure that - plus my knock 'em dead interview skills - had something to do with my hiring.
So here is my little rant: No one is guaranteed a job in this economy. You may have thought when you chose pharmacy school, back when there was a pharmacist shortage, that you were promised a job, but times have changed. Companies are cutting back. You know what that means? It means companies are getting picky. They can afford to only hire people who fit their goals. So that means all of you students who were slackers in school and failed classes - your GPA might matter now! All of you students who called in to work all the time - your company history might matter now! All of you students who picked fights at work or spoke disrespectfully to your boss - your reputation might matter now! And all of you who are decent students and workers but never went the extra mile and never did extra projects - even this might matter now! In fact, I didn't get a job right away out of school. Yes, I got several offers (some of which I foolishly turned down - poor judgment) but the one I went with went into a hiring freeze right around graduation. I was definitely upset, confused, and bitter at the time, so I understand the resentment to a certain extent. But I don't understand thinking that you are "owed" a job offer. The best case scenario these days is outstanding workers get what jobs are available. In the worst case, even the best workers can't find employment (especially in some areas of the country). Sending an ugly letter to the company you wanted to work for won't get you hired: in fact, it almost nixes any chance of a future job.
So stop complaining and protesting and shooting yourself in the foot and widen your job search. Believe me, I feel for you. I was there last year. It's time to buckle down, perform, and wait out this recession!
And best of luck to all of you, even the losers who thought I shouldn't have been hired. My prayers are with all the families out there who are unfairly dealing with unemployment right now.


  1. I completely agree with you. One of my girlfriends is applying for a job this summer and so is another girl in our program. When she said she was going to apply for it the other girl said "I'll fight you for it". Ummm, wtf? Be an f-ing grown-up! She has just as much of a right to apply for the job as you. It made me so mad, she acted like she was entitled to the job! Grrr,

    That sure is nice of you to share your notes with them!!

  2. That's what I meant to say, be a grown-up!

  3. Hey, I have the same problem in my field because oh there are no jobs and my state has the highest unemployment rate and oh our governor has cut funding for education consistenty at a high rate for hte last 8 years.. and there are still people who think my job is easy or that they should go back to school to do it because it is so easy.. ugh.. People iz stupid. ;) I graduated 2 years ago and have not had full time employment, but neither do any of my close friends.. only those who moved out of state.. and we have sooo much on our resume and crap ton of experience. but such is life.. i just dislike the people who still think that they will be different and get a job in the field.. ummm no sorry. not unless you are related to someone :P

  4. Pinkflipflops - I know, these are such tough times I can't understand how anyone can expect a job. I know some wonderfully talented people who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Just holding a job - any job - is a big accomplishment these days!
    And it does help to know someone, especially in New Orleans!