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Monday, February 22, 2010

Why am I not aware of events on my OWN calender?!

This is a weird Monday. Actually, it's a beautiful day for sitting out on the porch reading the mystery I just checked out of the library. But first I have to check out the mystery of my own calender.
Commitment I didn't know about #1:
My dad emailed me asking when I was picking up my little brother for the marathon expo and packet pick-up. Not only was I unaware I was Abe's ride....I didn't even know he was running the marathon. He will probably smoke the competition.
Commitment I didn't know about #2: I got a call from corporate today asking me what flight I was taking to Phoenix for the HIV symposium in April. I didn't know there was an HIV symposium in April and I sure didn't know I was going. But if the company wants to send me to Phoenix for a few days, hey, I'll take it.
Commitment I didn't know about #3: Tulane Medical School emailed me today and asked which date would be better for me for a one-hour lecture for their OB/GYN residents. I'm lecturing Tulane residents?! I'd given out my name while doing clinicals at Tulane and I guess they decided to have me back for a lecture!
So I guess I'll spend the afternoon sorting that out. THEN I will sit in the setting sun and read my mystery!


  1. Well at least of them were good surprises right? I'm guessing they all planned it, just to drive you nutty. ;-)

  2. Haha, oh geez! That's a lot to process in one day! So cool about Arizona and the lecture though!