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Monday, February 1, 2010

"THE WALL" 30k - worst race evah!

Sunday I ran "The Wall" 30k in Destrehan. Here I am, up all bright and early and ready to run!

Here's the hubby. He went back to his warm bed.

I went out to the worst race ever. Here is why:
- The course is awful. It's 15 k down a straight boring path and back. And it's the top of the levee, so it is totally bare to the elements: no shade, no wind cover, nothing. And it's hideous: the view is the ugly side of the levee, full of garbage, industrial boats, abandoned 18 wheelers, and empty containers.
- It was a frigid 27 degrees with zero sunshine and 89% humidity. The wind was bitterly cold and whipping across the levee. Even standing was hard, let alone running!
- Everything on me hurt: my knee hurts, my feet are covered in blood blisters, I have a pulled groin muscle, and I'm not in much shape.

So the race. Well it turns out that I missed the memo that if you weren't competing in the state championship 30k you should start 1/2 an hour early. So it was me in my layered T-shirts alongside all these elite athletes wearing clothes made from spaceship remnants. The field was very small, so immediately we were all spread out and I was left in the bitter cold with no wind cover - the wind was seriously the worse I've ever run in and I was struggling terribly. The first few miles were the hardest. In fact, I decided at mile 3 that this was the worst I had ever physically felt. Ugh. Around that time I was...not joking...doing about 12 minute miles. At the beginning! I am not making this wind up: it was utter misery!
Anyway, I managed to make the turn around and the wind would be less in my face after I turned around (it was from the side, but would be sort of more towards my back). On the way back, my shoe came untied twice, and once my CAR KEY (tied to my lace) BOUNCED DOWN THE SIDE OF THE LEVEE. I had to scramble down the side to grab it! This was killing me! I did feel a little better without the wind directly in my eyes and lungs, but it was still cold, gray, and ugly. I never really got into the swing and never warmed up. I was so numb at the finish, but some sweet lady brought me hot chocolate! How cute is that! And instead of medals they gave out beer glasses, which is nice since I break my glasses like their new years resolutions. My time was HORRID - 2 hr and 53 min - but I got some good marathon practice I guess. I still need pacing practice! I got a picture after I reached my car - the sun had sort of come up (ha) and this bridge, the start and finish, is basically all Destrehan is known for. Destrehan is ugly.

After the race I drove home - and stopped at Target. The closest Target is not near my house, but it was on the way back, and I had two gifts to buy off Target registries. I left my race number on so people would not think I was just an insane unwashed being stealing a baby stroller and several towels.

Once I got home I showered and the hubby and I drove to the in-laws for his birthday. His dad made steak, and I could eat it: I bought a Vitamin Water "Revive" potassium drink at Target, and it really calmed my stomach (I tend to get cramps after running). Either I needed the potassium, or I didn't run fast enough to cramp.
We didn't stay too long though because I was falling asleep!
I really, really need two things: rest, to heal all my hurting body parts, and not-rest, to build up endurance. Argh, there's the rub. What to do?


  1. Oh man, I almost ran the 10K portion of the wall, but I am dealing with a gross cold and decided not to go. Now I'm glad I skipped it!

  2. Smart lady, I'm retroactively jealous of you!

  3. I have run that! It did suck. AND I heard this year there were no "free" shirts? Booooo... I hope you at least had an Abita Amber at the end!