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Friday, August 21, 2009

It's me, with a life tip!

My busy work week has kept me pretty mum - my apologies. I am up late on a Friday night nursing my sick hubby, who actually does have swine flu (I thought I had it earlier this summer, but this was never confirmed). This area is rampant with the squirmy little virus right now. My poor little baby!
Well anyway, my life tip:
That's it. It will save you tons of time and tears in the eventual long run. As a close friend of mine recently discovered, you might need a resume at any time - especially in this economy - and updating a resume with 4 years of info is very difficult. Save yourself the headache and heartache and do a twice yearly update while your accomplishments and projects are fresh in your mind! Then in the event of a job loss, career change, or application for advancement you'll be ready to go.

Here are some good tips on writing a resume (geared toward law students but the general hints work in any career field), and here are my old tips from this Spring on swine flu sanitation.


  1. Ugh! Your poor hubby! I hope he's better soon!

  2. Thanks! He's doing ok today - he started feeling sick on Friday so at elast he got a whole weekend of rest in.