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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My worst day of work as a far!

I had the perfect storm of miserable working conditions this past week. It started with an hour's drive to a store I'd never been to. I kicked things off right by going to the wrong store. I showed up all cocky and ready to go and there was already a pharmacist in the pharmacy. She informed me that there are two stores on the same street and I needed to head east for 3 more blocks. Yeah. Probably should have checked the address...So I finally made it to the store where I was supposed to be working and walked in to relieve the night pharmacist. He greeted me thusly: "Your 8 am technician called in, your 11 am technician will be late, and these people here will eat you alive. And if anyone tries to rob you just give them the drugs, they're probably armed. Good luck." Seriously. So I introduced myself to the cashier and tech trainee and got to work! I basically had to do all the work the technician would have done, because the trainee was new. I realized in about an hour that our 9 am cashier had never come in...she never did, and she never called either. I noticed three things about the clientele of this store as the morning heated up: 1. No one can figure out the automated refill line. Every single person held to speak to a pharmacist just for a refill. 2. Mainly addicted. Lots of drug abuse going on, and frankly I am not that stupid people, your story that you dropped a full bottle of Lortab into your toilet is just not going to fly with me. 3. Subsidized. I never saw so many able-bodied people picking up Medicaid prescriptions in the middle of the day when they should have been either working or looking for work.
By mid-morning things were insanely busy and I could not wait for the relief pharmacist to show up at 11. She walked in at about 11:20...and it was someone I know. Someone I know and do not like. I had worked with her on a case study at school and frankly she did not pull her own weight at all. I was very disappointed in the shifty way she tried to get everyone else to do her work. I guess it was a character flaw and not some fluke, because she continued such behavior all day: she not only made multiple errors (always check your meds, folks. Always.), she got on the phone and made a 45 minute personal call right off the bat! As the lines were ringing crazily with people requesting refills!
I was dying for my eleven o'clock tech to come in, but of course she was late that day; she made it in at about 1 pm. At this point the pharmacy was mildly controlled chaos. In walks my tech...I am not kidding. She was a midget. Honestly. She could not reach any of the counters so I had to continue to do all her work for her! Did nobody think to buy this girl a step stool?!
God help anyone who bought medication that day is all I can say. Phew.


  1. Did I mention that I had to go to the bathroom all day and didn't get the 30 seconds required to do so? Or that I never got lunch?

  2. Oh. my. God. I'm so sorry! You are much stronger than I would have been! At least the day's over, right?!