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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The creepy old man contest

This is a contest for the creepiest old man story.
In case I forgot to tell you, I'm a jeweler. I make fabulous jewelry. The winner of this contest gets some fabulous piece of jewelry...I haven't made yet. I'll post a pic of what I think of to make later today.
So! Here are the rules. Contest ends Sept. 7th. Post your creepy old man stories, as many as you like, I'll pick my favorite and send you awesome jewelry! I'll start things off with this little tale:
A guy called the pharmacy for advice last night. I helped him out over the phone and I thought his problem was solved. But he showed up at the pharmacy anyway and introduced himself; he said he had to come meet me because I "sounded cute over the phone" (bet he was disappointed, haha!). The guy was 70 if he was a day! He looked live Steve Tyler's DAD! Ugh!

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