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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A neat bobby pin tip

Bobby pins have a stiff, straight shape that really does nothing to help their function. Yesterday during my lunch I was browsing hair accessories and found slightly curved bobby pins that were marketed for "use when growing out bangs". Great idea, except the pins were not true bobby pins with the wavy gripping edge so you couldn't use them for much else. Also they were like $3 for a set of 6 which seems like a waste.
I've actually been making my own curved bobby pins for years. I simply bend them by hand, as shown above. Once they're bent they fit against the head much better and hold the hair closer to the scalp. Plus, if you use them like a barrette, the curved shape allows the end of the bobby pin - which usually sticks up annoyingly - to slide neatly under a layer of hair. In the second picture, compare the first pin, which sits nicely against my head, to the second pin, which is sticking out. The first pin wins hands down! Much sleeker, don't you agree?
Sorry for the horrid pictures... I'm rushing out of the house this morning!

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