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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ten "celebrities" I do not care about

Celebrities are good for one thing...outfit-stealing. I like to check out their pricey clothes and pick trends I might copy. That's about it. I don't really care if so-and-so ate frozen yogurt or broke up with her boyfriend. But I REALLY hate hearing about these folks:
10. Jon Gosselin. He's not even a celebrity. He's chunky, ugly, and selfish and since he didn't carry 6 babies in his tummy he really can't claim any fame here. Boring.
9. The Jonas Brothers. Little kids in motercycle-girl clothes. Big deal.
8. Michelle Obama. She's the first lady, not a fashion icon...let her do her first lady thing and over-analyze someone else's sweater set.
7. Jessica Simpson. Minimal talent, zero taste in hair, clothes, or makeup.
6. I know everyone hates them, but that Spencer Pratt kid with the lying habit and his hair-brained girlfriend bore me to death. Nothing real ever happens to them so they make drama up. Yawn.
5. Mischa Barton. I never like her look: too much eyeliner and not enough clothes.
4. Random Kardashians. I hate to bash the Armenians, but come on - what have you ever done to deserve fame?
3. Lauren Conrad. Where there's smoke, there's fire: if it seems that you keep collecting enemies out of the blue, you might be annoying and hard to get along with.
2. Megan Fox. She is trying too hard to be "sexy". True attractiveness doesn't require effort, and it certainly shouldn't look like you put effort into it. We used to call this the "it" factor. Megan Fox does not have IT.
1. Paris Hilton. I do hand it to her for staying in the camera's eye for so long - I think she must be smarter than she looks, acts, or seems. But I am sick of her ugly clothes and silly escapades.

Did I miss any?


  1. I cannot stand Miley Cyrus. She can't sing or act, or talk for that matter. She's trying too hard to grow up too fast and everything she says is soooo dumb. Other than that, your list is so RIGHT ON!

  2. I really wanted to add Miley Cyrus but the list looked neater with ten ;)