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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hot and sticky

Ooh, cold snap on Wednesday.
Weather this week has been way too warm for November. It's been warm and sunny, yet damp: we wake up to dew and are soon enveloped in humidity.
It would be nice to have a crisp, cool, fall day, but actually, I like running in this weather! It's a little windy, almost like spring storm weather, and the humidity is not as bad as the smothering summer moisture. I like it. I'm used to it. I run well in humidity!

No one else agrees. I ran into several friends during my (pointless...what am I even training for?) Saturday long run, and every last one greeted me with some form of weather complaint!

Meanwhile, in foolhardy news, I somehow ran 50 miles last week. NOT my intent. I really should start looking at those numbers throughout the week (that's what Daily Mile is for, after all!). But somehow, skipping a day off and lengthening my long run led to 50. That's bad, not because it's too many miles (although it's a lot for me - I'm more a 40 to 45 mpw runner), but because that week I also:
1. Went back to the track for the first time since early spring 2014
2. Ran a race.

So I will take this upcoming week a little easier.


  1. Whoa. 50 is a lot. That's more than I ever ran in a week when I was marathon training (although I clearly train at a lower mileage level than you). Be careful!!!

  2. After living in DC from 2013-2015, you won't hear me complaining about warm winter running. Can't tell you how many winter runs I had to do in 20 degrees or 35 degrees and freezing rain (with wind!) or severe icing (so we had to run back and forth under an overpass for miles--good times). I crack up at everyone here when they tell me that it gets a little chilly in the winter. Um, ok. I'll take a few days of upper 30s or whatever.

    Good job on 50 miles!