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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas gift boxes

This year's Christmas gift boxes feature two kinds of fruitcake (my usual brandy-orange and a second whiskey-pecan), gingerbread, coffee and chicory blend, and espresso caramel corn. Off they go to all those hard-to-shop-for family members!

My godchildren are getting boxes of food, but also cute matching outfits: dresses for the girls;

a newsboy cap for the guy.

I bought the dress pattern online. It was my first online pattern purchase, and while I like the finished product (it's simple - front pleat, zip back, puffed sleeves, bow at the neck), taping the pattern together before cutting the fabric was tiresome. The dresses are cozy flannel with bright red trim, and I used the same red fabric as the lining for the cap.
Cute, but I kind of need a break from sewing now. Three dresses and a hat in two weekends is too much!


  1. Those dresses are darling, and I love the newsboy cap! Every once in a while I think about buying a pattern to make some different cycling caps, and then I think the two I have (and rarely wear) will suffice. Love the idea of baked goods boxes. You're really good at Christmas!

  2. I am super jealous of your mad skillz. The most creative Christmas presents I've ever done were series of framed pictures for my parents & grandparents. Everyone else gets the Amazon Special. :-/

  3. What can't you do? So impressed with your sewing and baking skills. I love to bake too. I'm really into breads right now. But, I'm limited because I can't do rich egg ones.

  4. Those dresses are so cute. I think there's going to be some happy, smiling faces come Christmas.