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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas card 2015

Last year I painted a Christmas scene and sent it off to Walgreens to create a photo Christmas card. It came out so well that I repeated that this year.
For 2015, we have a little cajun Santa in a pirogue!
Watercolor on card stock. Too cheap for watercolor paper. 

I actually love how it came out: the card design matches the painting so well. Having Walgreens print the cards not only convenient, but super cheap: there is always some amazing coupon code in addition to my employee discount. This year I got 60 cards for $20, which is ridiculous.
Cypress swamp and silly script - it somehow goes together. 
Our tree is a little unimaginative this year (I change my tree each year), but that's because I had a last minute change of design. At zero hour, I had a chance to feature these vintage teal glass globes (made in America from Sears in the 60's!). Our landlords were cleaning up the attic and found six unused boxes, so I went with it this year.

I actually have some wrapping paper in dark teal and gold, so we'll be all matchy.

What's on your tree this year? Do you send Christmas cards?


  1. Wow - you are ridiculously talented.

    (no tree for us, no cards. We're firmly the bah humbug types, and don't do presents)

  2. You do a great job with these Grace! I think it's cool that you guys don't just do a standard family photo, but rather, you take the time to create something unique! Really well done!

  3. Our tree is full of ornaments my kids made in school and ornaments we've bought/been given. No theme.

    I used to send cards. Now I just think about it but don't follow through.

  4. Nice! That looks totally professional.

    I have never in my adult life had a Christmas tree for various reasons, but once we finish our renovations and have actual furniture, I'm hoping we'll be able to have one next year.

  5. Your Christmas card is awesome. I never thought of doing my own artwork and having it made into a card.

  6. I like your Christmas tree. It's tasteful - not gaudy and exhibitionist. And it's way nicer than mine, which is still in its box waiting to be assembled.